Sakamichi no Apollon Review

Confused, distraught, distressed, these are all adjectives that describe my state the second the OP started. I will concede that, going in, I didn’t expect much of the plot, or characters, I would’ve watched the anime just for the sake of its soundtrack, but the OP, sacred in Bebop with its Tank!, had been defiled with vocals and surprising state of not-jazz, despite the whole anime being focused on that genre. Gone were my hopes of a spiritual successor to bebop with its themes and tunes, and in its stead I got this; a bewildering series of scenes, coupled with an even more perplexing song. Needless to say, that within the first minute of the first episode of this anime, my expectations were crushed- badly.

This is the only picture you're getting. Deal with it.

This is the only picture you’re getting. Deal with it.

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