Role Playing an Empty Shell

You’d probably have wished yourself into the shoes of a protagonist of some anime before- a recess of your imagination where you suddenly know how to speak fluent Japanese, are swarmed by attractive Japanese girls, and part of a reality so much better than the one that life will so cruelly drag you back into. Some anime have a charm that’s quite unique to it’s medium, something that causes it’s demographic to develop a penchant for fantasy and escapism unlike what any movie, TV show, or book can do. This probably has something to do with the absurd testosterone and adrenaline pumps that comprise the genre of action in anime, and perhaps also the timeless appeal of being chased by girls more attractive than whatever reality can offer. Otherworldly 20 minute rides of fantasy don’t take a psychologist to understand their allure.

Anybody would prefer this to reality any day.

I don’t think this is all that it is. If it was, a million other works of literature and cinema would similarly send us on a whirlwind trip of imagination that anime so brazenly offers. They don’t. Here’s why I think some anime, mostly harem, make us imagine so much more than so much.

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