Join the Dark Side!

Join the dark side! We have brownies. Actually, it’s really not dark (more like fluffy) and the only brownies we had were eaten by our chocoholic: LessThanFree.

Contract? It’s not eternally binding or anything! /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

But wait, if you think we are asking you to join us so that we get free labour of people helping out at the blog, you are half correct actually. But what we want to do here is make a group of people who can hang out on the internet to have fun, talking about all the random stuff you can think of.

But in addition, we hope to set up a convenient online community for you to make friends with people who have similar interests.

So if you are interested to just join the blog or the community for the fun of it, leave your Skype/twitter name in the comments and we’ll take it from there! ^^

We have cute (2D) girls.

For those more interested in working with us on this blog, we have all sorts of positions open which include and are not limited to: Writers (duh), Singers and Musicians (for the YouTube part of the blog) and even cosplayers and photographers. So if you’re interested, again leave behind a comment with anyway to contact you  (be it Twitter or Skype or anything) and again we’ll handle it. Benefits include having people to talk to when bored and a fun time! And maybe some brownies. Just maybe.

Nothing will happen to you at all. Serious.



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