Seiyuu Close-up Thingy: Uchida Maaya

I haven’t featured a seiyuu recently, so here it is. A post all about one of the bright rising stars, Uchida Maaya!


If you have been watching anime at all, you’d have heard her in Sankarea as the zombie Rea and in Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai as the adorable Rikka. Back during Sankarea, I hardly noticed her but in Chuu2Koi, her voice really shone through.

Plus she makes a great maid.

Plus she makes a great maid.

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Are You a Seiyuu Fan?

Like the title says, are you a seiyuu fan? Other names include seiyuu nut, seiyuu fanatic and seiyuu otaku etc. Basically you get the idea. I’m working with Hiromi from Nabe! to see around how many seiyuu fans does the internet hold, so if you are or are not a seiyuu fan, just add it to the poll which is found here:

If you know and love the person in the picture, go to the poll and vote!

If you know and love the person in the picture, go to the poll and vote!

If you vote, you will get rewarded with a bunch of seiyuu centered posts from both Vocal Mimi and Nabe! so please give us your honest opinion!

1st Day of Animas. Choosing Shows!

So, in around 12 days time, it’ll be Christmas, the season of giving and sharing. To commemorate this, we at Vocal Mimi have decided to go for the 12 Days of Ani-Christmas (Animas) and hope that you will join us along for this journey.


Gather round it’s the Christmas Season!

So let’s begin with this topic. Choosing which anime to watch.

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Hiyochians Rejoice! ♪~ヽ(゚∀゚)ノヽ(゚∀゚)ノ ヒャハハハ~♪

Any of you remember K-ON! and how great the singing from a certain Akiyama Mio was? Well party time is here for all Hikasa Youko’s fans as her solo début has just been announced. If you want to know more, check out Nabe! where they will definitely give you better info then me. But since you’re already here, listen to my opinion. (No you do not have any say in this)

This picture is misleading on how awesome she is.

This picture is misleading on how awesome she is.

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We arrived on time!

So it’s late November and it’s the late side of late November, and yes, I am rather late. But from this point on, I declare Vocal Mimi open! And while it might seem boring, I’ll run you through the various things we will do on the blog.

1. Most mainstream Anime stuff.
We will post impressions and reviews of general day to day anime as well as recommend you some older anime that we found interesting enough for you. Come here for your daily dose of anime stuff and once in a while, interesting news.
Writers that cover this will be: Every one of us xD It is mainstream stuff afterall.

What? You’re that suprised? ^ ^

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A (really lousy) Ayana Taketatsu Birthday Blog Translation

Translated from her blog at

Today was my 23rd birthday.

Thank you everyone who sent me messages congratulating me!
It makes me feel warm inside and really happy(≧▽≦)

With that said,
Battle-san  from my new apartment had a birthday event for me~♪
I received birthday wishes from everyone all over the place
And there was that meat cake… (laugh)
I was really surprised!!
Nonetheless it was really tasty.
From the bottom of my heart I thank you! (*^^*)

There were games, singing and surprises throughout this event!!
However I did not have time to play some games and karaoke.
I’m back! \(^o^)/
It was such a precious experience!!

Mee-san and Nattsu-san surprised messages really shocked me!
It made me tear up from how happy I was, I did not expect a surprise present.

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