New Update

So you the few readers (which we treasure dearly) we have might be wondering why there has been no episodics appearing consistently at the usual time that they are supposed to appear. For that I sincerely apologize on the behalf of the entire blog. The reason being that all of the writers are starting our tertiary education and with our country’s way of teaching torturing students, the writers have been busy. And although I’m in a different system, enrollment is a pain in the arse so that kept me busy for a bit.

Forgive us? Please?

Forgive us? Please?

SO… this gave me a thought. Most people in this day and age don’t really have the time anymore. So I found out a perfect arrangement that would benefit both you and me and the entire human race. There are… people dying.. *cough* sorry. But seeing most people will not have the time to actually read through full episodics, we will now make weekly digests of the entire week of anime that we have watched. (which is about 15 anime this season alone) So hopefully this will give us a better way of keeping you guys up to date with your usual anime review dose, or if you’re too busy to watch the episode, get a gist of what happened.


The New Year Flood

Happy New 2013 reader!

The Anime world decided to throw out a bunch of highly-anticipated, long-awaited content before we could stop using the line “2012 felt just like yesterday”.

Sanka Rea

Yes, barely 24 hours after we crossed into the year 2013, we got a ton of stuff. We got Sakarea’s second OVA. We got the first episode of Nekomonogatari and we get not 2, but 4 episodes of Kokoro Connect wrapping up the series.

Tsubasa Cat

There’s always room for more of this

I have 6 torrents running simultaneously to try and grab all this content right now. Hopefully I will get up an episodic post of Nekomonogatari quickly and get the ball rolling for 2013.

I‘ve been waiting so long for the last 4 eps of Kokoro Connect. I hope Inaba ends up with Taichi. Find out in 80 minutes or so.

As for Sankarea… Fanservice goggles on!

Kick start the new year? Try a 360 spinning, rocket-powered, bone-crushing roundhouse kick to the face.