Love Live! Ep 8 & 9: What? We’re Busy Too!

Us being students, we are busy and seeing that nobody really looks out for these episodics, no one will mind if it’s late right? Plus we have this secret that the writer’s of this blog are actually school idols struggling to save our school from being closed due to not having enough students enrolling. Yeah, I know right! Tough times man.

Aww yeah... take it in Rin!!!

Aww yeah… take it in Rin!!!

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Love Live Ep 4 – First Years

The title says it all – FIRST YEARS!!! They are definitely the favourites from love live and I like them all (not saying that i dislike the rest). I like all the characters in or joining the idol group, except Nico so far (which I hope will change after next week). This week’s episode was certainly enjoyable with MakiRinPana!

That face.... Which school has alpacas anyway...

That face…. Which school has alpacas anyway…

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