A chance to explain what I’m like… I’ll take it.

I’m in this for the cute girls >.>

I created this blog after helping out with a friend with his own blog and deciding to try to set up a “family” online, so that is currently my main goal. I plan to get as many people to join the Vocal Mimi community and let those who are better connected share information (and pictures of moe stuff) with those who are new to the online community. I believe mentorship is one on of the best ways to learn, hence this idea.

I chose this 1 picture out of 947… Appreciate and enjoy it!

I’m a self declared seiyuu nut. Seiyuu being the voice actresses of the cute 2D girls we all love. Why? I love listening to nice voices so… one thing lead to another and seiyuu stalking naturally kicked-off. So look forward to the love I shower over the seiyuus. I’m also a photographer so look forward to coverage of various events that I have the time and money to go to.

I like many animes but I enjoy almost any show as long as I can retain my sanity after it. But I will always have a soft spot animes that make me feel touched in anyway. *Cough* K-ON!! for life! *Cough*

A or B?



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