Hello reader!

Whether you’re here by choice or you’ve stumbled here because google decided to shove you in my direction, Welcome to my humble page!

I do mostly site design. If you like the banner, logo or any part of the general design, please drop me a like! It really makes my day.

Alternatively, if you hate it, feel free to rage about your dissatisfaction in the comments. I promise I’ll read it and feel bad about myself. Really.

Here, have a Shiny Lairon!

Now, you probably expect me to tell you why I joined this blog. I like Anime and manga and I don’t tend to write rubbish. Sleepy noticed this and dragged me along to help him start Vocal Mimi. I’m also friends with Sleepy and Rylgun in real life, so that certainly helped things. I’ve actually worked with them and others on another blog before and found it mildly fun. (Coincidentally, today is my one year anniversary on WordPress)

I feel like more Yuki could’ve made up for Endless Eight a little.

My favourite Animes are: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Clannad Afterstory, Haruhi and Angel Beats!

I get really annoyed when a show has something good, then throws it away in pacing or story. And I love it when a show does exactly what it promises.

Thanks for reading to the end! Please, do check out the other members’ pages. They’re (probably) quite interesting. I hope that our small team is able to entertain you even just a little on our blog.

This sudden urge to buy UCC coffee can’t be coincidental


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