Hey! Give me a chance to introduce myself 🙂




My favorite genre of anime is Ecchi/Harem. I’m kind of a semi – pervertic guy who enjoys looking at anime girls and admire how they are drawn and look like instead of focusing on the story line. But despite that, I still take storyline into consideration when giving reviews 🙂 . I maybe have a fetish for Japanese girls and I love playing online games such as League of Legends and stuff. PS. Add me up! (CDG Yuki)

*Sobs* T^T

*Sobs* T^T

Another Genre of anime I LOVE is touching animes. Always having intersting anime ”might” be boring after awhile and once in a blue moon, sad or tragic animes can be something new instead of example drinking coke everyday and once in a while root beer! I don’t watch anime everyday, but when I do, I watch a ton at one shot. Loves doing things in a bulk, makes me feel amazing.

Hey Hey! *Winks*

Hey Hey! *Winks*


Last but not least, I LOVE PANTSU! HEHEHEHEH 😉


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