Aoyama Yoshino’s Letter @ Kumamoto

Is everyone doing fine? I am. It’s finally the Kumamoto stop! My triumphant return! Are you all having fun? Did you eat any good food? Have you come to like Kumamoto? These streets that you have come to like, these streets that I was born and raised in… I used to hate it.  

I’m sure quite a lot of people already know about this. Since WUG started, having to travel all the way to Tokyo frustrated me. Frustration that even now I remember clearly. I felt that every day, I was losing to the unfairness of life. I blamed it all on the fact that I was born in Kumamoto. I was going through so much at that time that I was not able to notice the many people supporting me. I was just overcome by all the negative emotions. Before I knew it, whenever work was over and I returned to Kumamoto Airport, all I could think was “Back here again huh”

I wanted to remain as that lively, funny and goofy person in front of WUGners. In doing so, I ended up treating my mother as an emotional punching bag.  Countless times, the cause of her tears was me. Every week she would see me off and pick me up, every day she would make meals for me. Every time, instead of giving my thanks, I berated her. I did nothing but cause problem after problem for her.

At this point, I have been commuting to Tokyo for the last 4 years. And I’m still not used to it. I have no idea where to get good food. The trains are so complicated. It made me grateful that the stations in Kumamoto mostly just have 1 platform. That I could eat at the delicious Monjya shop I told you about or at my personal secret pasta shop… I can’t help but miss Kumamoto.

The negativity and gloominess in me faded away. This time without hurting anyone, because my journey to Tokyo allowed me to realize something.

I was taking it for granted. To even feel a tiny bit of hate towards the place that was always there for me, I regret it. This was a place I could always go back to. This is my home. I will never forget this for as long as I live.

But I also have another important home: Wake Up, Girls!. In this home there is Nanase Yoshino, who helped me achieve a dream I had since elementary school; my greatest rival and my partner. There’s also the friendly staff who have supported me until today. Finally, the greatest family I can ask for, WUGners. Without any one of them, I could have never persevered and been able to experience this scene before me. Thank you for giving me so many homes. Thank you for raising me until this day.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I do not want to regret anything in the next 3 months. I want to express my gratitude as much as possible. I hope that the moments you have here will be moments that you treasure in your heart.

If I write anything more here, I’ll run out of things to say for the final MC.

Finally, thank you for coming to the Kumamoto that I love.

5th January 2019 Aoyama Yoshino



It kind of takes the mood from the whole letter if I put my comments at the top so they’re right down here where no one will read them. I did this translation mostly because of the contents of the letter of her talking about the place she grew up in, how she hated it and also how she treated her mother because of the stress she was under. It struck a chord with me so I wanted to write her letter in English to help me organize my thoughts.

If you ever do feel like you hate where you were born or that you have been snapping at those close at you, maybe hearing words from an idol will help you realize something new.

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