I’m Enterprise Business Strat – A Really Brief Look

Throughout my time as a sei-ota I have shifted my love (oshi-hened) several times and a majority of my oshis seem to come from I’m Enterprise and I started to notice a certain pattern with my oshis. As I am heavily biased towards female seiyuu and only took female seiyuu into consideration, this observation and the subsequent statements will only apply towards female seiyuu.

The pattern or rather modus operandi I have noticed is
1. I’m will select one female seiyuu as their main focus
2. They will give the seiyuu as many roles as possible but many of these roles will not be 3. main or “big” roles, the main purpose is quantity over quality
4. After a while, once they probably are confident that the seiyuu has reached a level of skill, they will just start pushing that talent into as many “big” roles as possible.
The seiyuu will win a seiyuu award.

So what this achieves is that while they are heavily pushing one of their talents, it will not appear to people as a gori-oshi. By the time the seiyuu has achieved that big main role, when curious otakus begin to look her up online, they will see that she already has a significant number of roles. This will give most people the impression that “oh she’s already been around so long” and the general opinion towards that seiyuu will be warmer.

By ensuring that the seiyuu has reached a level of skill in voice acting as well, it will also make the gori-oshi effect appear even weaker. In the examples I will share shortly, you will be hard-pressed to find a bad performance from any of them.

So far the names that I have noticed this pattern with in chronological order is Hikasa Youko, Sakura Ayane and Hondo Kaede. All these seiyuu have years which they have had more than 20 roles, yet no one actually says that they are gori-oshied.



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