Weekly Anime Summary 19/3 – 26/3

Welcome to the second anime weekly digest. We most shows reaching the 2nd last episode or the grand finale, it was truly a week to behold. We hope you enjoy this post!

Moar Kantoku art!

Moar Kantoku art!

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next
Speed Summary: Rikka falls sick after pulling an all nighter, we get some Kodaka x Rikka action (Kodaka is as dumb as usual) and they encounter Yusa trying to take down the club but was promtly denied by Sena and Yozora. Sena confesses and Kodaka does the manly move of running away.

A fujoshi's dreams ruined

A fujoshi’s dreams ruined

This whole episode continues from the mood left from the previous episode with Rikka still holding some of the limelight and providing us with some entertainment with yaoi holes. It also shows once again although Yozora and Sena are always at loggerheads and are even love rivals, but they will work together to protect what they care about. Finally, Kodaka appears to me like a spineless coward who does not dare to accept commitment. Please man up before the season ends.

Girls Und Panzer
Speed Summary: The battle between Miho and her sister’s school is well underway, making the entire episode action packed and awesome. Miho pulling all the stops to defeat Maho, using every trick out of the book. But it does nothing more than slowing down the onslaught.

Imagine this same line... In a doujin.

Imagine this same line… In a doujin.

At last, the second last episode of the show that trolled us for three months as we wonder what the heck is going to happen. This episode can safely live up to our expectations as the battle strategies they used seem legit to a layman like me along with graphics enough to make me wet myself. Plus the twintail buchou was hilarious. And there’s that giant ass tank that can tank against tanks. This show has everything, I mean tank and girls! What else would a man need? Maybe alcohol.

Sakurasou na Pet no Kanojo
Speed Summary: After finding Mashiro, the juniors rush back to the ceremony, where surprisingly Misaki was the one giving the speech and after a speech that would made several character and viewers cry, they struck while the iron was hot and managed to put off the destruction of Sakurasou.

ALL THE HWEELSSSSS!!! (that's weird talk for feels.)

ALL THE HWEELSSSSS!!! (that’s weird talk for feels.)

This was a good episode. Misaki’s speech itself was already amazing enough that I had to applaud her for how amazing she managed to pull it off. I wish my graduation was that epic. If there was anything I didn’t like about the previous episodes, this episode made the playing line even. Sure the drama might be a tad too much, but still the feelings the show tries to convey get through perfectly fine. So if they pull the last episode off fabulously, I will openly love this show. If not, I will openly love Shiina’s voice.

Tamako Market

In one episode, the folks at kyoani have managed to cram more cuteness and substance than what several dosages of their weekly digest would normally afford. There are no wasted moments over here, and you’d find every frame either glorified by the adorableness of the main cast, or drenched in the nuances of emotion. But what I find that distinguishes this episode from the rest is that it manages to masterfully thread the precipice between genuine subtlety, and inconspicuousness; emotion here is not broadcasted, or even played up in the slightest, but it’s sincerity is as palpable as the cuteness that this anime naturally espouses. The episode, however, does fall prey to one of the most damning clichés in the realm of entertainment: The cringe-worthy scenic introspection where the characters reflect on their predicament while staring at some vista (and somehow, kyoani still manages to salvage some honesty out of it…) Yet, when all is said and done, this episode seems to be the most distilled form of what this anime was meant to be: a 20 something minute blend of honest sentiment, blended with some of the cutest things that you’ll ever see.

sparkle* sparkle*

sparkle* sparkle*

Vividred Operation
Speed Summary: Rei gets arrested and apparently she’s not fully human and is from another world. (duh) The girls spend a long time discussing their feelings about it and decide to rescue her. Then the evil crow arrives, talks and then eats Rei.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... that was hilarious.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… that was hilarious.

Logic. This show takes more and more of it and throws it out of the window. Yes the show looks amazing, but the whole lack of logic and common sense in the plot and characters themselves is rather jarring and makes the show a lot less entertaining. That and the mood for the entire show were completely off. When the crow ate Rei, I just laughed. I mean it was hilarious, ridiculous and stupid all at the same time.

Speed Summary: Cat ears, Lolimouto, Maids, Valentines chocolates and a harem being formed?

I must go, my sister needs me.

I must go, my sister needs me.

Again as usual this is an entertaining episode and it’s nice as we get plenty of simple humor and cute girls. It’s rather hard to review a comedy but this show is nice and sweet and interesting. It’s fun. That’s all you need to enjoy it.

Speed Summary: Sasami continues to try making friends with that futanari girl and in the process gets Kagami jealous and angry. Then as Sasami tries to get back together with Kagami, she makes the futanari girl feel lonely.

All the yuri that we got to experience.

All the yuri that we got to experience.

This show is complicated at the start though now it’s a lot more simple, it’s still hard to understand. What I think the futanari girl and her friends are doing is to host the god of the underworld to rival the ultimate power Sasami has. But I’m still confused as what’s going to happen in the last episode. But yes… Kagami and Sasami yuri love is fantastic.

Cuticle Detective Inaba
Speed Summary: The last episode of the anime. Ridiculous as any of the other episodes. We get a random ass character, more stupid humor and a rather funky ending.

Logic? Screw that.

Logic? Screw that.

Cuticle has been a notable show this season for me, I mean the jokes they use are quirky, they have interesting characters and as a gag show, I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Yes I know it’s not exactly a fantastic show, but still something very, very enjoyable.

Verdict: 8/10 (I had hella fun)

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
Speed Summary: The merchant continues with his grand scheme of making a heck lot of cash and helping the dragon princess, the war is underway and Maou goes berserk form the influence of the previous demon kings, we get to see the magician in action and Yuusha appears to fight the evil Maou.

Level 90 Hero's spell, 50 mp, 9001 base damage.

Level 90 Hero’s spell, 50 mp, 9001 base damage.

This show is smart. I cannot emphasize how smart it seems to me. The way that the characters elaborately carry out their plans and how bit by bit, we get to see how Maou is changing the world bit by bit, proving that she can “show the people what’s across the hill”. We finally get to see the magician at the second last episode and damn the Yuusha is badass. Magician, tanker and DPSing swordsman.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru

Speed Summary: Its the buildup episode before the girls show off to win Eita’s heart (by force). The whole cast head to a beach villa for their club outing. Masuzu and Eita come up with a plan to try and re-convince Hime, Ai and Chiwa that they’re really dating.

Ai for best girl!

Ai for best girl!

Save for the nice One Piece reference, the front half was like any other beach episode. Complete with totally unnecessary levels of fanservice. There was a little bit of depth in the middle which was quickly shaken off. Then at the end, we’re left with a tiny cliffhanger as to what Masuzu was doing in her room and why Eita was running. They tried hard to use the plot, but it didn’t come through. It’s clear that people’s attachement to the characters is what makes them eager for the next episode.

Yama no Susume

Speed Summary: Our goodbye to an adorable series that lived up to all the preceding episodes. It was adorable. The girls had a picnic next to the river and enjoyed chilling with each other, as any group of friends should. A sweet simple ending to a sweet simple show.

Whenever Kokono-chan speaks, I lose my ability to to so.

Whenever Kokono-chan speaks, I lose my ability to to so.

Yes I loved this show and hoped that it would be a great if it were a full anime. Hopefully season 2 will give us that. For a while there hasn’t been those healing anime that nothing happened at all but you loved it for being that. I hope season 2 gives us more of what we loved about this show, cute girls, more mountain lessons and a great seiyuu cast.
Verdict: 9/10 (cause giving it 10 would get people raging.)

Speed Summary: Yuriko gets attacks, Muroto shields him, Moritani confesses splendidly, Yuriko x Muroto love, the police woman turns out to be a bad guy, Manabe saves Kotoura dramatically and all’s well and ends well.

Such a dependable boy friend.

Such a dependable boy friend.

Yes it was a nice and sweet episode, but I have one complaint. Kotoura may be cute and all, but she comes off so pathetic. Fainting from how dark a person’s mind is and how it has never occurred to her to use her power to predict the mad policewoman’s attacks. It just makes her so useless without Manabe and that I find rather annoying. Moritani confessing was nice and Yuriko giving up on revenge thanks to Muroto was also sweet. But come on Kotoura, get it together.

Speed Summary: After a hell lot of pointless drama and showing how Yuuko could not go to the AKB Idol Heaven, they return to Akibastar to hold a concert to nuke DES, but the citizens were brainwashed and didn’t support them at all.

Yeah... I mean they were 3 weeks late MAX... woe to you. You didn't get to fap for 3 weeks eh?

Yeah… I mean they were 3 weeks late MAX… woe to you. You didn’t get to fap for 3 weeks eh?

This show has one similarity to Vividred. The complete lack of sense made. I mean how long does it take for an ENTIRE FREAKING PLANET to get completely propaganda-ed into giving up. I mean the girls were gone for the most 2 weeks and they already became like that. That’s pathetic. Please don’t tell me the last episode is going to be them miraculously unlocking some power and saving the world if not I will dislike this show more than I already have. And adding salt to the gaping disemboweled wound, the voice acting sucks big time.

Love Live! School Idol Project
Speed Summary: Muse get’s taken off Love Live due to the director’s decision and Honoka blames her for that. Meanwhile Kotori still hasn’t told the rest that she’s transferring schoolsand when she did, Honoka gets really pissed. So even though the school has been saved, Muse is in disarray. Honoka rejects the choice of a final concert together and says she’ll stop being a school idol

Aww... HELL NO. You did not just bitch slap her.

Aww… HELL NO. You did not just bitch slap her.

Oh wow if they throw in any more drama and feelings it would kill me from that heartache. Even after they made the promise together that they will be together forever, fate still ends up separating them. What I find interesting is that there’s no one that can be blamed. It’s a never ending chain reaction which led from one thing to another so no one is can actually be in the wrong. They did what anyone would do in that situation and the tragic thing is that it blew out of control. Now it’s time to see how the show wraps up. “Muse… Music… Starto~!” I just realized that that was what they said at the start of the first Love Live live event.

Chihayafuru 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Speed Summary: Nishida rages at Tsutomu as he does not fight to play with the team. Chihaya then decides to rest Tsutomu for the match against Shoyu which Mizusawa wins and the team from last year are now about to play Akashi Girls. 

Dont stand too much ok?

Dont stand too much ok?

Again, they refuse to let us see the meeting of Chihaya and Arata because of his pusnishment… But leaving Arata aside, this episode’s focus was on Tsutomu, whose efforts has not been acknowledged until now. His notes and research are life-saving! Chihaya, also proves once again that she has grown as she manages to control the situation instead of Taichi. Chihayafuru has just been awesome this season with episodes on supporting characters and Karuta but I hope to see more development on the main characters (Chihaya, Taichi, Arata) in the later half of the season.


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