Anime Weekly Summary: 11/3 – 18/3

Welcome to the first weekly anime digest where we give you bite sized information of most of the shows for this season. Each section is written by the person who had been covering it so far so you get to enjoy all our writers in one post.

and with this, I can show off a new pic at the start of every one of these.

and with this, I can show off a new pic at the start of every one of these.

Speed Summary: To rescue Moritani from police detainment, they group (led by Yuriko) decides to find the culprit which leads to Kotoura and Manabe fighting. Still they continue doing so and the episode ends with Yuriko in the process of getting assaulted by the culprit himself.

The great mind reader's weakness is a messed up mind.

The great mind reader’s weakness is a messed up mind.

It was about time Kotoura and Manabe had a fight so I’m not too surprised. This has been more or less the episode of revelations with us learning more about Yuriko’s past and the whole reason why she befriended Kotoura in the first place. I guess in a (anime) child’s eyes their parents will always be the greatest people. And they chose to leave us with a cliffhanger. But seeing I’m not too fond of Yuriko, I don’t mind it one bit. Yes, I’m evil. ^^

Sakurasou na Pet no Kanojo
Speed Summary: Mashiro disappears after a lot of drama, everyone goes to look for her, Sorata finds her, confess, more drama and they rush back to school.

I screamed. I admit it. I screamed.

I screamed. I admit it. I screamed.

Basically this is that episode near the end of the arc where Sorata mans up after being wimpy for the last 7 or so episodes. This was also the first episode where Shiina spoke the most, in an incredibly heart-stopping cute voice. ❤ Kayano Ai! Shiina sounded like a grown up Menma. Now excuse me as I go change my pants.

Tamako Market

After a fantastic episode 9, you’d expect the next one to carry on the flame of it’s predecessor onto newer and greater heights. Well… no. Episode 10 of Tamako Market is a mixed bag: on one hand you have the sheer charisma that some characters (namely Kana-chan) carry with them, and on the other you have a little less than satisfying main plot about expectations and stress. Now to be fair, it’s respectable to say the least to have an anime deal with something so grounded in reality; there are no histrionic performances, the type that you’d expect in Kokoro Connect, but theres a sort of anti-drama that goes on. It’s almost as if every time the producers start to roll out a bit of emotion, they recant it immediately, afraid to offend anybody with an allergy to any sort of gravitas. This isn’t bad per se, but for an anime that puts it’s chips into the emotional development that’s inherent in everyday scenarios, Tamako Market falls short of that sweet spot.

Tamako Market Ep. 10 in a nutshell

Tamako Market Ep. 10 in a nutshell

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
Speed Summary: Movie filming takes place, Rikka shines as the main girl for once, Kobato is adorable and Kodoka has something wrong with his way of viewing the girls. The way the characters are all connected is b-e-a-utiful.

All hail Kobato-sama!

All hail Kobato-sama!

View Free’s full summary here. 

Yama no Susume
Speed Summary: The girls prepare for a trip to the beach and Hinata and Kokonoka have a sleepover.

Shhh.... Just look. Just look.

Shhh…. Just look. Just look.

Do you like adorableness? If you do you’re probably already watching this show with a passion. It’s a Hinata x Kokonoka episode mainly with YUI-CHAN and also a cooking lesson thrown in. We even get a sweet scene with Aoi and Kaede too. Plus everyone needs to learn how to make french toasts. I have to try that recipe out.


Speed Summary: Tama in a box. Kyoro gets bitten by everyone. Cosplaying imouto lolis.

How to sum up the episode.

How to sum up the episode.

The comedy is gold as usual in this episode and they decided to tempt us even further with more skinship between the adorable characters. This show is sooo underated at the moment, people just don’t know how to enjoy laid back shows these days. *sigh*

Speed Summary: A camping trip with the futanari classmate, with Tama pretending to be Sasami and lots of girls love.

That escalted far too quickly.

That escalated far too quickly.

Number 1 hilarious episode of Sasami. *Insert penis joke here* This episode is filled with sexual innuendos of varying sorts mixed in with yuri (of Sasami and Kagami) and a girl who “is futanari only at certain times”. And Kagami gave us plenty of audio fanservice as usual. “Funyaa” And Tsurugi and her sexual innuendos and all her rapings. I mean all groups of friends need that one guy to do that. This is by far the best episode for Sasami in terms of comedy and enjoyment.

Vividred Operation
Speed Summary: Akane and Rei hangout, Rei will disappear if she uses up all her arrows. Akane and Rei discover that they were enemies.

This scene was a lot less serious from how ridiculous the girl's reactions were.

This scene was a lot less serious from how ridiculous the girl’s reactions were.

Vividred is already well known for throwing logic out of the window and this episode exemplifies that. After a nice sweet relationship with Rei and Akane, they eventually discover each other’s identities. Funny part, Rei blames Akane for “betraying her trust” while Akane did not once mention Rei was trying to destroy the world’s energy supply. “You betrayed my trust!” “But.. but you’re trying to ruin the world ;_;”

Maoyuu Maou
Speed Summary: Lots of politics and economics at work, along with some underlying giant plan that Maou has.



I do not have the necessary brainpower needed to understand this show. All I know is that to make money you have to know the market really well and to gain respect of the people you have to understand what they want. Other than that it’s all politics and business mumbo jumbo to me. You just go “Damn, that’s some smart stuff” when watching this.

Cucticle Detective Inaba
Speed Summary: Don get’s arrested, and meets Soumei’s first host. Lot’s of stupid stuff happened.

*insert caption here cause I have nothing*

*insert caption here cause I have nothing*

This show cannot be explained. Just watch it and laugh. I mean they make you feel touched then they throw everything they built up in the episode all away. So just watch as Don makes a new friend in an Alcatraz referenced jail made for animals.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru
Speed Summary: Keita’s aunt sees through the ploy of Masuzu, the girls use a phone app to see who loves him the most, Ai wins. And the aunts manages to get them to a beach resort through her company by selling the girls Kaoru and Eita has some love going on.

Tsundere explained.

Tsundere explained.

Dayum this show has so many things going on at the same time it’s rather amazing. With all the girls (cough Ai cough) the balance of the whole shows really feels nice now, seeing Masuzu and Chiwa annoy the crap out of me. The whole romance harem thing is soo messed up at the moment I don’t know how to describe it. Anyway, maybe the next episode will have more swimsuits.

Chihayafuru 2
Speed Summary: Mizusawa gets matched up with a school full of smart people as part 2 of weird match-ups, while Shinobu steps in to help Arata with his punishment. Of course, everyone loves Karuta and Chihaya shows off her amazing skills once again.

Why oh why did they delay much-anticipated meeting of Arata and Chihaya? Just the mere presence of Arata is causing Taichi to feel threatened as Arata will become a distraction for Chihaya (or maybe even more for Taichi).  And with this episode’s ending, Iam looking forward to hear the reason for Nishida’s objection to Tsutomu playing and see how the next match will turn out (hopefully with Arata watching this time).

Chihaya... Even nerds like her now....

Chihaya… Even nerds like her now….

Love Live School Idol Project
Speed Summary: Nico fails at getting Muse the auditorium for the school festival, so they plan to perform on stage. Honoka get’s pumped up and over works herself, falling sick on the concert day. Even so, she performs the new insert song, “No Brand Girls” before collapsing. Leaving this show on a tense cliffhanger on what on earth can the girls do with their center down?

Admit it... at this part, deep in your heart, you were cheering the girls on

Admit it… at this part, deep in your heart, you were cheering the girls on

This is one of those epic episodes that caught me off guard. I mean I was seriously expecting Honoka to not perform at all and do the K-ON thing of appearing for the last song for the epic finale, instead she collapses after the first song. Which of course leaves a giant gaping hole of possibilities that can happen the next episode. It’s kind of tragic for Honoka to work so seriously (for once) for such a thing to happen. Though it was kind of her fault, that earnest energy of hers may have brought Muse together, but it may trigger the whole disbandment of the very group if they fail to qualify for Love Live with her blunder. But of course we will see the girls at Love Live, I mean the OP is them singing on that stage. Either that or we are in for a giant ass twist in plot.

So that sums up the first weekly anime digest. Hope you enjoyed it and see you next week. And btw, AKB was not included due to the fact that the latest episode felt extremely stupid and pointless to me. 


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2 thoughts on “Anime Weekly Summary: 11/3 – 18/3

  1. Nice touch for a weekly post.
    I don’t know what to make out of most shows this season(the ones that I’m following).
    -Sakurasou na Pet; really strong first half, second half spiraled into cliche
    -Tamako Market; don’t know what to think of it. All the animation is fine, characters are cute. Still it doesn’t have that spark that K-ON had for me(shows feel similar to me).
    -Ore no Kanojo: the beginning felt actually quite fresh in some ways…and then it became boring. Some characters really annoy me. I can at least credit it for the funny color-scheme
    -Chihayafuru 2: very good and consistent. The story progresses at a reasonably good pace and the characters are still likeable.
    -Sasami: dropped after one episode haha, it didn’t feel like a show that was meant or me

    • I agree with you man… Chihayafuru is the star of the season IMO… Ore no Kanojo’s feels nice, but god Masuzu is getting on my nerves

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