Kotoura Ep. 8: It’s Not A Date!

Dates. Something I haven’t experienced but anime seems to make it seem to be such an enriching and enjoyable experience that sometimes I wonder what dates are like in the real world.

Things get really hot...

Things get really hot…

Well, in their 2 dimensional world, Kotoura and Manabe have found out what it’s like. From what I can see, from where they come from, going on a date with a girl is apparently punishment for sexually harassing her. Will that work IRL I wonder?

I wouldn't mind dates for punishments...

I wouldn’t mind dates for punishments…

2nd interesting note, when you’re sick, in anime, your friends visit you. It’s kinda amazing. If I fell sick, it would be just like any other day and my friends would just Skype me as usual without any difference.

Tis ish sho cuute

Tis ish sho cuute

Again this is another Manabe x Kotoura episode as they explore what it’s like to have a relationship at their adolescent age. While these two enjoy their innocent filled relationship, Yuriko and Muroto has something planned and it is very, very suspicious.

His eyes have appeared!! Its serious...

His eyes have appeared!! Its serious…

Kotoura seems to love giving us what seems like a happy episode and after that, throw in sad parts. I feel like it’s kind of imbalanced at the moment, but it works I guess. They add in that sense of unknown, making it really hard to know what you can expect from this show.

Can I, really?

Can I, really?

Oh and I forgot to mention, Kotoura fainted. Wonder what’s wrong with her.




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