Chihayafuru 2 Ep 8 – Its International

Apparently, Karuta is also loved by people all over the world. What am I saying, everyone who has watched Chihayafuru has been influenced by Chihaya. The same goes to everyone who has seen Chihaha and this applies to foreigners too!



Chihaya’s passion and love for Karuta is really getting viral. How many people has she converted to Karuta Lovers?! But this episode is not so much about loving Karuta but in particular, loving competitive Karuta. We can play something for fun but where’s the fun in that without competition. After all, the competition does spur us on to become stronger and the rewards after all the effort put in are amazing!

Chihaya is infectious... Now her greed can spread too

Chihaya is infectious… Now her greed can spread too

Surprisingly, it was also not Taichi that encouraged the team during the match like usual. Instead, it was Chihaya who managed to turn the tables around. Yes, Mizusawa was actually losing in the first part. This was mainly because Mizusawa was panicking from being so close to foreigners and shocked at their simple playing styles.

You. Just. Got. Thrashed

Somehow, it looks like those cards came out from their butts…

And this time, Tsukuba is actually a starter for the tournament, without any cheating. However, this was only due to Tsutomu’s selflessness. Tsutomu is actually willing to not play in the group stage to scout for information on other players. This shows how much of a team player he is.

Beautiful teardrops...

Beautiful teardrops…

And as for the ending….. He did not appear in the start and so he did at the end. Once again, Arata is given that short screentime at the end of the episode, leading up to the next. Finally, we may get to see more of Arata next week, especially when he sees, or rather Chihaya sees him. Additionally, Shinobu and Arata have met face to face! I wonder what that will lead to next…

Oh my, this is not a horror movie...

Oh my, this is not a horror movie…


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