AKB0048 Ep. 8: Shit Happens (not actual title)

After spending nearly 1 and a half season of anime to explain to us what the heck a Center Nova is without doing anything, it’s nice to finally have her reveal. Oh wait she’s gone. Too bad.



But I really have question marks about what the heck I just watched. This show is special in its own unique way. I mean some parts of this show really leave me with that what-did-I-just-watch face while others make me stare in awe.

Because screw Makoto, that's why! jkjk

Because screw Makoto, that’s why! jkjk

I guess their trying to show us that while AKB48 (the real thing) may focus on the girls working together, sometimes they decide to shine on their own and even brighter than the rest of AKB48. In the case of Yuuko she desires that position of Center Nova so much she’s willing to leave the rest behind. Ambition of ego I’m not sure, but it’s something painful to watch her leave the rest and stand alone.

Scumbag Yuuko, says she won't disappear, disappears.

Scumbag Yuuko, says she won’t disappear, disappears.

And if there has ever been a creepier villain in the history of cute animes, I will eat my non-existent Oppai mousepad. He looks just plainly creepy with those eyes and every time he obnoxiously have these monologues about “THE CENTER NOVA PHENOMENA”

Choose the right eyes for the right person pleeease.

Choose the right eyes for the right person pleeease.

Now for the WTF moments of the show. Why would Zodiac, a business, want to attack a neutral planet so badly for? I mean won’t the rest of the galaxy hate you for attacking a neutral country who just happens to house terrorists? Then I remember that whole incident involving a world super power and it seems fine.

You could say she's getting wet.

You could say she’s getting wet.

Next I’m wondering is what the heck is Sensei Sensei cause there is something off if people are worshiping a giant thing that spouts random words.

I think your god is malfunctioning.

I think your god is malfunctioning.

Then there’s the whole singing and fighting. I understand the whole protecting the guerilla concerts, but this is a bit wacky. “The whole planet is burning down! What should we do???” “I know! HIT THE MUSIC!!!! That’ll solve everything!” Plus your main defense force is a bunch of young ladies and girls? Who only has non-lethal weapons?

Ok.. and 1 cyborg. That makes it fine.

Ok.. and 1 cyborg. That makes it fine.



Then there’s Yuuko. The whole part where she has no idea she’s being used as a tool. Oh wait. That just symbolizes how idols are like in real life! See? This show is deeeep. The only thing left that I want to do is sit here and see what on earth can this show pull off next.

Mis-phrasing or not, this is hilarious. "SHE'S GOING NOVA CENTER!!!"

Mis-phrasing or not, this is hilarious. “SHE’S GOING NOVA CENTER!!!”


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