Chihayafuru 2 Ep 7

“We’re in the second season and she still doesn’t know what the title means?!” We have come to the second season and apparently, our main character still does not know the meaning of the title, which has part of her name.

Nope, please please explain

Nope, please please explain

Kana says the easiest way to explain Chihayafuru is to compare impassioned and frenzied. She used good imagery, that is frenzied would be used to describe a shaky, spinning top, one that lacks control, while impassioned would be used to describe a smoothly spinning top, stable enough to look like it’s completely still. Of course, this is what Chihaya seeks to become, one that is perfectly balanced in power yet with great passion.

Loook at that pretty top..

Loook at that pretty top..

Right after the explanation, the rewards of Chihaya’s character growth arrived. The band, that Chihaya had so kindly proposed for them to use to the second floor for storage, performed all four verses of the school song to send the Karuta Club off to the Nationals. Of course, Chihaya just wanted some luck in return of a good deed but we can’t deny that she is more aware of others now.

And ride it!

And now you’ll ride it!

And so, there was no training this episode or follow up from the defeat in the Regionals, except for Chihaya. And the next episode would be the start of the Nationals. So fast! Compared to the previous season, season 2 has been really fast-paced and we are in the Nationals by ep 8. However, on the whole, it has not been really rushed with ample development on old and new characters so far.

Shinobu's development was extremely fast-paced

Shinobu’s development was extremely fast-paced

Sumire is one that has developed. Though she says that her reason for playing Karuta is to get closer to Taichi, and it is the same as how Taichi wants to get closer to Chihaya (partly true), Sumire has definitely fell in love with Karuta but she just does not know or want to admit it. Also, Sumire plays a huge role as a catalyst for the romantic development in Chihayafuru. She asks Chihaya straight in the face if she likes anyone, leading Chihaya to think about Arata and even calling him. And sadly for Taichi, he overhears the conversation and it would be sadder for him if he does not do something soon.

You have 2 days, Taichiii!!!

You have 2 days, Taichiii!!!

Furthermore, we see lots of encouragement from Chihaya’s family this episode. Chihaya has always been left out, except for that scrapbook her father keeps, as the focus is on Chitose, her sister. Her mum admitted this herself and explained that she knew Chihaya would be fine with Karuta, but shows her support by buying for her a Hakama. And Chihaya is really affecting everyone, even indirectly pushing Chitose to pursue her passion.

Bears are cute!

Bears are cute!

Except for these kinds...

Except for these kinds…

With a more developed Chihaya and inclusive of Sumire and Tsukuba, will Mizusawa really win the Nationals?

Ogura.... Yui?

Ogura…. Yui?


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