Kotoura-san Ep. 7: In this world, I…

It feels like Kotoura’s family is a bit messed up. I mean there’s her pervy grandfather, her missing not in the picture father and her mother who has some severe case of “I want to punch that face so bad” look.


“A face only a mother would love…” “Isn’t she the mother?” “Exactly”

But anyway, this episode was interesting in certain ways. For a start, the Mori Dojo is messed up. I wonder how on earth they managed to attract that many members. I mean does yelling “MORI MORI MORI” really attract people?


This may look ridiculous but it get’s members! Good publicity!

Another interesting thought is about how much Kotoura has grown up from her emo days of her parents abandoning her. She smiles now, has made plenty of friends and even has a prospective boyfriend. She has grown, mentally wise. Cause… she hasn’t grown that much physically.


The force is strong within this one.

But look at her mum. She’s single and in her 40s, has a face that looks like it’s begging to be hit and an attitude that just plainly sucks. So in that sense, Kotoura may have upset her usual “happy and peaceful” life, but she herself ruined the rest of it.


My god this girl is flat.

I guess you could say while the young grow up, the old just grow old. Still, hope you have a happy birthday Kotoura and I hope you grow bigger. It was an interesting episode with some random comedy thrown in.


YOU DO NOT QUESTION THE BEAMS OF LIGHT! or the steam. or the shadows. or the randomly placed objects that just happens to block out those parts.

Here, I’ll leave you with an interesting thought, through what magic did Muruto grew shorter and more midge-like as compared to when he was young?



What the heck happened?


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