Kotoura-san Ep. 6: Summer Vacation!

With all the drama that has been going on in every single episode that precedes this one, it’s a nice feeling to have a truly light hearted episode without any more problems. That and swimsuits.

Somehow I dun find the swimsuits that nice. Maybe it's the character design?

Somehow I dun find the swimsuits that nice. Maybe it’s the character design?

Seeing Tamako just had its summer episode, the trend seems to be spreading really fast. In this one week, Tamako, Kotoura and Vividred all had summer themed episodes.

This is why you don't have blind dates.

This is why you don’t have blind dates.

But before every sing summer holiday, there will be exams and apparently in every group of friends there will be the insane genius, the average dude and the one who excels in categories that do not include academics.

The dumb ass.

The dumb ass.

So… what can I say about this episode? The first most striking question I have at the moment is how rich Kotoura’s family actually is? Private beaches, a theme park… seeing her grandpa is a pervert who doesn’t work, where on earth the money comes from.

"I make money dressed up like my granddaughter!"

“I make money dressed up like my granddaughter!”

And for those who spent Valentines alone, here’s a little tip from Manabe. If you save her from a moment that scared her out of her wits, the least you can get is some delightful skinship. And prepare yourself for all the blood rushing to… your head from the shock of a girl hugging you.

Seems like he's only a pervert in the head.

Seems like he’s only a pervert in the head.

This episode has a rather interesting lesson for us. Sometimes you don’t have to care about how much money you spend to have fun but the people you have fun with that makes it all so worth it.

Good food alone, or crappy food with friends?

Good food alone, or crappy food with friends?

And wow… to spoil the moment and mood completely, we are given the cameo of Kotoura’s loving, supportive and extremely understanding mother. Can’t wait to see how that goes.

Look at the face of the loving mother, gazing gladly at her daughter.

Look at the face of the loving mother, gazing gladly at her daughter.

And again there is a new ED theme and just from watching it, you have to burst out in laughter. Tsuru~ Pettan~ Cause when you hug a flat chested girl, you are closer to her heart xD That or hugging a girl from behind.



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6 thoughts on “Kotoura-san Ep. 6: Summer Vacation!

  1. “Where does the money come from?”

    Probably from the profits of owning Corporations, Shares in numerous companies, stocks and investments into Hedge Funds – essentially, all of the ways, techniques and tools inherited wealth uses to maintain their wealth. The implication of course, is that Koutaru is a very, very immensely wealthy heiress. And with her ability to read minds, she’d probably won’t have any problems both maintaining and expanding on her family fortune. After seeing this episode, I’ve no doubt in my mind that Koutaru’s grandfather owns multiple accounts with New York and London Hedge Funds, Swiss and Cayman Island bank accounts, and probably a huge amount of stocks and bonds all over the financial markets, and probably a Corporation or two out right.

    It probably helps that Koutaru’s grandfather has lived long enough that inheritance taxes have gone way down within his life-time.

    Which basically means that if Manabe ends up with Koutaru (as no doubt, that would happen), he’ll have a straight, life-long ticket to the High life.

    • That… made complete sense actually, surprisingly enough a pervert like him is actually smart enough to build up so much money.He must actually be quite the shrewd businessman to be able to do that

  2. Very goid review. After reading this I think I will have to watch at least a few episodes of this series myself. I particularly like that you cover the general premise of the episode without spoiling too much of what happens.

      • Thanks, either way I will probably post up my own review/preview soon. So far my blog mostly reviews completed series as it is a bit easier to summarize and avoid spoilers. I might try my hand at picking a series or two to review per episode as they air after seeing how you’ve been doing them.

      • I checked out your blog, your reviews are really nice and concise and good to read! Will look out for your post!

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