Chihayafuru 2 Ep 6 – Fun in Karuta

And so.. they decided to start the episode by reminding us of Porky’s defeat but also of Chihaya’s awesomeness. This match just gotta be the most exciting one so far…. And it’s not even the Queen or Master’s match, or the Nationals yet.

Monster-like Chihaya.. can even control Sudo

Monster-like Chihaya.. can even control Sudo

Chihaya has improved greatly, equipping herself with two weapons now, Accuracy and Speed. Her ability to hear the sound that comes before a sound is formed (dont ask me how that’s even possible) is already overpowering and it’s still not enough?! However, there’s still room for improvement in her accuracy.

She's already god-like and if she improves more....

She’s already god-like and she still can improve?!

Of course, Chihaya still has lots to learn before being able to defeat Shinobu. But all does not go smoothly even with Chihaya’s skill, Amakasu is also not giving up. He has the role of the ace of Hokuo to upkeep and is not going down easily. I’m sure quite a lot of us already thought that Mizusawa will lose as both teams will proceed anyway. But for a moment, I thought that Chihaya could actually get a win for Mizusawa. It was a really tough loss but Chihaya can’t possibly win all the time too.



And just as I predicted, they had some focus on Tsutomu, who was the lousy beginner last year but he has trained hard and found his love for Karuta. He pushes on and does not let his previous thrashing affect him. Even Kana does not back down. I guess it was good in a way that Nishida lost, so as to let us see the improvements the two previously beginners made. This also shows that the new year ones, Tsukuba and Sumire have hope.

Such underhanded means...

Such underhanded means

It was just such an intense match. With Nishida out, the other four all had to play their best and it even ended up with…

YUP. WOW is the word

YUP. WOW is not enough

Taichi managed to secure his win by pressurising Retro lots and thanks to his superb memory. Though it motivated his teammates, it also caused Amakasu to become more fired up. By the time it came to the last round, the tension was already killing me and it did not help when Chihaya and Amakusa touched the card at the same time! It was nice to see that Chihaya said that (how did she even know?!) and that Amakusa admitted that his skill is incomparable to Chihaya’s.

They're gonna freeze... and it's not even winter yet

Just love their expressions haha

The main thing about this episode is still the fun of Karuta. Chihaya has found it, thanks to Arata, and they spreaded it to Taichi, which continued to Nishida, Kana and Tsutomu and now, Sumire and Tsukuba and his brothers. The number of people Chihaya has influenced is not countless but still many! The feels at the end was just amazing too. Though Chihaya lost, she still had a really fun match and winning is not everything after all.

Did you cry too?

And now, it’s back to training for the Nationals and there’s so much to expect! How Tsukuba and Sumire’s characters are gonna develop? How much Chihaya and Taichi can still improve by? How Nishida will face his loss? And…. Arata is going to the Nationals too, what will happen when they meet?

I really would like to see her development...

I would really like to see her development…


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