Tamako Market Ep. 6: A Mid-Summer Episode

Tumey is currently busy this Valentine’s Day so he asked me to cover him this week’s Tamako Market while he is away. And the title is not the official one, it’s just a one I felt that suited the episode.


those eyes…. do you feel your soul being lifted to the heavens?

Almost every Summer, in almost every slice-of-life show, there will be a episode about “test of courage” where the characters end up scaring each other. Tamako Market interprets this idea rather creatively in this episode with the Tamako deciding to set up a (extremely cute) haunted house.


Curse me! Curse me!

As usual this episode has no plot development and can be more or less a standalone episode or even an OVA. But, still the girls were ridiculously adorable and the episode did show us more or the people in the shopping district and more of Kanna’s “cunningness”.


If you know what I mean >.> This girl measures everything…

And which Tamako Market episode would not be complete without the resident overweight parrot Dera and his usual antics which provide us cheap entertainment. Tumey may or may not have said it, but that bird is annoying and I hope that Tamako invents a new recipe for parrot mochi.


Even when cursing you, Japan’s service industry is amazingly cute. That or it’s Shiori.

Somehow it seems like the only character that has common sense this episode was Shiori. Look at those shop owners freaking out from things that happen all the time. If you were a soba shop owner for like at least 1 month, you would know about feeding the stray cats. Maybe this goofiness was to add to the humor? I have no idea but it was interesting to say the least.


Cause you know… flowers bloom.. .

Though the one thing that managed to catch my eye this episode was what happened at the end. Apparently the princess from the land of Dera has arrived and seeing next week’s preview, she looks adorable. I may not have a dark skin fetish but she looks extremely cute and her expressions look amazing.


Oh that look of complete moe with dark skin is killin’ me!

Anyway, thanks for bearing with me for Tamako Market, look forward to Tumey’s return and a more sophisticated Tamako Review.


Notice she has a mole on her neck.


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