Chihayafuru 2 Ep 5 – Hokuo

Wow, I expected a lot from this week’s episode of Chihayfuru but I didn’t think that I would become as absorbed as I was earlier into the show. Episode 5 was just exceptional!

Can it get hotter than this?

Can it get hotter than this?

Without any delay, they gave us a lead up to the match between Mizusawa and Hokuo. Apparently, Hokuo’s plan A was to secure three wins by predicting Mizusawa’s positions Retro’s Retrot cards. However, I sensed that something was off the moment they had that high-pitched music in the background…

Not to forget Monster Chihaya!

Not to forget Monster Chihaya!

Chihaya, as usual, was pressurising the team to do their best and this may seem bad but she is actually helping the team a lot. (though number 1 in japan is a bit extreme) She also does this as she knows that Hokuo (or rather Retro) will do their best to get back the trophy. Hence, it is only right that Mizusawa plays at 100% too!

Ermm.. thats 11...

Ermm.. thats 11…

We also really wanted to see what or who the secret weapon was and honestly, there were a few secret weaponsss.

Omggg is this supposed to be cute?!?!

Omggg is this supposed to be cute?!?!

Or this really gay guy?

Why are all the weapons directed at Nishida?!

Of course, the real secret weapon was Sudou!! It was really heartening to see him back and good that characters from season 1 are re-appearing! However, this time, he is neither back as a player, nor a supporter, but a reader. How smart of him to study readers more than players as after all, the readers set the pace and rhythm for the game. Although Sudou puts pressure on the Hokuo players, they actually have an advantage as they are more used to Suodou reading.

The wild S has appeared!

The wild S has appeared!

I also decided to mention Miyauchi-sensei. Though she does, or rather did not know much about Karuta, she still tries her best to support the team. Two episodes ago, if I’m not wrong, she rushed down after the tennis match to cheer on the team. And in this episode, she made Tasuki for the players, giving them more mobility and making it cooler for them as the air-cons are surprisingly still down.

Chihayafuru presenting us with the beauties of Karuta once again

Chihayafuru presenting us with the beauties of Karuta once again and this should be quote of the week ^^

Well, episode 5 was a lot about pride. Mizusawa with Chihaya’s pride and Hokuo with Retro’s and Sudou’s pride face each other in the finals, making it an intense battle for both the trophy and top position for Tokyo. Nishida was seriously a sad case but it looks like the battle is just getting started as Chihaya, once again, wows us with her exceptional skills. Kana is also not backing down as she adjusts to Sudou’s tempo.

Kimono for Boobies! :O

Kimono for Boobies! :O

The next episode is going to be ten times more exciting as this with Chihaya going all out and hopefully, Tsutomu also makes a breakthrough and gets a win for Mizusawa!

Why fat Shinobu?!

Why fat Shinobu?!


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