Seiyuu Close-up Thingy: Uchida Maaya

I haven’t featured a seiyuu recently, so here it is. A post all about one of the bright rising stars, Uchida Maaya!


If you have been watching anime at all, you’d have heard her in Sankarea as the zombie Rea and in Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai as the adorable Rikka. Back during Sankarea, I hardly noticed her but in Chuu2Koi, her voice really shone through.

Plus she makes a great maid.

Plus she makes a great maid.

Basic Info of her from Wikipedia.
Name: Uchida Maaya
Nickname: Mayayan
Born in Tokyo, 1989, 27th December.
Affiliated with I’m Enterprise.

Happy February to you too.

Happy February to you too.

She debuted back in 2010 as a seiyuu with hardly any roles but gained a lot more recognition in 2012 with her starring in several animes that eventually led to her being really popular now.

And with this we can estimate her height.

And with this we can estimate her height.

But if you’re like me, you’ll be wondering what she was doing before she became a seiyuu, but apparently, she was a model for aspiring photographers in the past. That’s where the majority of her photos from seiyuu sites are from. Though I’m not sure what kind of model she was. A cosplay gravure model? I mean just google images Uchida Maaya and you’ll get what I mean.


General comments are
1) She looks completely adorable. I mean like I should stare blankly at her picture for hours kind of adorable.


2) As a seiyuu she has a great voice and a rather wide vocie range. Plus’ everyone loves Rikka’s trademark “itai~” from her.

3) So far her singing is okay, but haven’t been wow-ed by it yet, but I’ll wait and see if she does so. I liked Chuu2Koi’s ending so I will wait and see.

That said, more pictures.




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3 thoughts on “Seiyuu Close-up Thingy: Uchida Maaya

  1. I think she was working part-time at a studio whereby they had models and studios for photographers to kind of “rent” and try out their photographing skills. Can’t quite remember the name of the studio but heard that quite a few models working there are aiming to be a seiyuu. Also heard that she was one of the favourites in the studio at that time as the photographers are allowed to choose the models they want to work with.

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