Love Live Ep 5 – Weird Yet Cute

As seen from the preview last week, ep 5’s main focus is on Nico! As weird as she is, she can be really adorable so I guess she’s only half likable…



She was already stalking the group the previous episode and it all made sense when they revealed that she was in the Idol Research Club. And she cannot get any weirder… I mean, she wears fancy clothings with poop on her head, she steals the neighbouring table’s fries and burger, like these will help keep her cover.

What an outfit...

What an outfit…

As weird a personality she has, she can also be really cute! But I hate it when she immediately switches back to her usual self… The last part of this episode was really nice as Nico’s soft side was shown. I was pleasantly surprised when she started tearing, which shows that she was extremely touched and happy that she can be in an idol group again (after everyone left her when she was a first year). And she did not revert back to her weird character after tearing!

Her other, likable side ^^

Her other, likable side ^^

As for the other characters, Rin is as high as always (even doing a front flip!) and she seems to be the best dancer the group has. Nozomi has always been in the background, watching and helping the group in small yet big actions. What she does may be small but they do impact the group greatly and positively. However, it does not seem like she’ll be joining the group the next episode…

Some fan service xP

Some fan service xP

It was also nice to see how they linked the three second years’ past with the present, showing just how good their friendship is, and leading to the fact that Honoka has been befriending people since young. Honoka’s friendliness and optimism is definitely the reason for the idol group in the first place and for the joining of the other 6 members.

And her crazy faces haha

And her crazy faces haha

An interesting part of love live would also be the epic faces that the girls make! See, see!!

Well, according to the preview, the title of the next episode is “Who’ll be the Center?” Well, I would say “no need for center!! Just swap around!!” Of course, the expected center would be Honoka but let’s see what surprises (if any) love live would give us next week. This also means that the recruitment of the president, Ericchi, and Nozomi may not be in the next ep. When will they join then? Hints of season 2??

Rin and Nico!! :D

Rin and Nico!! 😀


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