Save Your School! Or not.

Recently this one theme has been happening in some shows lately and it leads me to wonder about some things. Why are most school characters so attached to their school that they are willing to go so far to save it?

Because everyone loves to go to school!

Because everyone loves to go to school! And studying!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my ex-school and the memories I’ve had there, but it’s really hard for me to feel so attached to the school that I feel compelled to throw myself onto the line to save it. Maybe I’m selfish, maybe it’s my culture, but I don’t feel that inner urge.

I mean look at Tari Tari. You can feel the character’s pain in losing their school that they want to end it on a high note. But first, let’s make this discussion as objective as possible. Maybe it is out of my place to say that I don’t feel compelled, for the simple fact that my school has not (and hopefully will not) close down any time soon. So if I were to put myself in that situation, what would I do?

In all honesty, I won’t do anything. Going by our first example, the main characters were the ones who did it. The main characters were the one who came up with the plan for the concert, while everyone else disagreed at first but eventually follow their lead. So in other words, I do not see myself as the main character if my school life were an anime.

Because if for some weird reason I am the main guy, I will get the girls right?

Because if for some weird reason I am the main guy, I will get the girls right?

With this train of thought, then it won’t be so much as I don’t care for my school but I don’t feel that inner motivation to lead people to protect the school. I’ll be the ones who react to the main catalyst who set things in motion. To put it crudely, the people who sit there and follow the people leading them are like mere sheep while the main characters lead them forward with confidence.

We’re going waaay off tangent, so let’s drag our minds back to the main topic. So main characters or not, why would you want to go after for your school?

For me, the only thing I find worth saving about a school (if it were to be closed) is like what most anime would mention: the people in it. The school is just a building, so what makes it so important is the people in it, The friends we make and teachers we meet. That was so cliché of me I cannot believe I said that. But as weird as that line sounds, the only thing that makes school fun is the presence of fellow students and teachers right? Though their presence can also make school a living hell.

So my basic conclusion for me is the real reason why the Choir and sometimes Badminton club and the School Idol Club would want to save their school is not their love for the school and it’s “culture” but for the respect they have for their seniors and the love they have for their juniors. Well, that’s my take on how I see the whole thing, so if you see it differently, tell me what you think it is like!

Also seeing that I'm in a boy's school. There aren't any girls.

Also seeing that I’m in a boy’s school. There aren’t any girls.

Hope you enjoyed this random rant and maybe next time we’ll have this random session again!


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2 thoughts on “Save Your School! Or not.

  1. On the topic of school culture, in my opinion it is something that is not created or left behind by one group of students; it’s something that is forged through generations of students and teachers, with each generation contributing a part to it. Hence, it represents the collective essence of thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences of all those who have been and are currently are in the school; it’s something larger than the school or each batch of students and teachers themselves. Thus I find it reasonable and understandable that people would want to save the school because of its culture.

    Schools might also have certain architecture, designs or historic value that make them worth saving as well.

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