Chihayafuru 2 Ep 4 – Bad Luck

Taichi was the main focus this week! (not like he doesn’t get enough focus…) Along with lots of publicity for the Shiranami Society.

Every girl is already focused on him...

Every girl is already focused on him…

Seee! All the guys also focused on him..

Seee! Even the guys are also focused on him..

So.. It turns out that Tsuboguchi is the advisor for Homei, Mizusawa’s next opponent, and if you remember, Tsuboguchi was the East representative for the Master match last season and the ace of the Shiranami Society! Hence, Homei turns out to be intimidating and threatening (but mostly because of Tsuboguchi’s tricks)

This just reminds me of the dance move...

This just reminds me of the dance move… hahaha

Furthermore, Tsuboguchi has certainly given his all to help Homei, letting them experience fun in hard work. And prevent regret after not putting in effort, just like how he did after losing the master match. Thus, the Homei team is really fired up to win.

You're not getting Taichi, Weirdo!

Along with another weird person…

On the other hand, Taichi’s bad luck was really not helping… I mean, getting a nervous reader who screwed up the rhythm and an aircon break down is just really unlucky. (Even 2 lucky charms couldn’t help)

Lucky charms activated.

Lucky charms. Activated.

Luckily, he decided to not throw in the towel and got more towels! (Chihaya’s towel was the most important one) Putting his trust in his teammates, he managed to focus on his own match and finally letting us understand Harada sensei’s sentences. Of course, it isn’t Taichi’s bad luck that causes him to lose, it’s his loss of self-belief during tense matches and his brain telling him that he has no talent. He certainly does! With all the hard work he has put in, he definitely deserves to win against players with talent. In fact, he has improved so much in Karuta that he could equal to talented players already!

And all the towels he needs

And get all the towels he needs!

This episode also never forgot Arata as he started the episode like always. The scene also reminds us of last season with the misty bridge. But Arata does not think that the cellphone is the bridge, but something else. I guess he is thinking of Karuta and how it brought Chihaya, Taichi and him together in the first place. So symbolic and meaningful… He is really hoping to see Chihaya at the High School Championship and that scene leads us to how Mizusawa is doing in the Regionals.

The love triangle..

Love triangle!

And quote of the week will of course be “An individual match is a team match. A team match is an individual match”. During individual matches, we do need support from teammates or friends to be encouraged to do better. And during team matches, we should put our faith in teammates, and focus on doing our part well to help the team!


Next week will definitely be exciting too, with the introduction of Hokuo’s secret weapon. I also expect to see some challenge for Chihaya who has been sailing through the Regionals too smoothly… And with the defeat of Homei this week, it’s 1 step closer to Arata!

Chihaya is excited too ^^

Chihaya is excited too ^^


2 thoughts on “Chihayafuru 2 Ep 4 – Bad Luck

  1. I’m expecting them to get hammered. Mizusawa has already qualified for the Nationals by coming second in a region with more than 10 schools (I think that was mentioned in Ep 2/3).

    So I’m half expecting the Queen to be Hokuo’s secret weapon as a “transfer student” or similar. 🙂

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