Kotoura-san Ep. 4: Changing World

Kotoura, oh Kotoura, where art thou Koutora? Pardon the bad reference but you get the idea. Our heroine is missing and the show cannot go on.


Rage, or sex drive?

So they journey off to find Kotoura and after meeting her nice, pedophilic grandfather, the group gets reunited at long last and something interesting happens. Moritani actually apologises, so that means she’s on friendly terms with Kotoura now.


Geddit? She said the title of the anime. Teeheehee!

In other words, she’s part of the main group of people and the next episode should have her joining the ESP society.


Oh wow, her family name is the station name.

On another side not, both the grandpa and Manabe are too similar for their own good. In all honesty, were you somewhat hoping for Manabe to actually spank Kotoura? That tiny glimmer of hope that we get to hear the awesome voice of Kotoura wailing?


Spanking… Guheheheh

But as nice as a grandfather he is, god why would you get your granddaughter to sit on your lap just so that you could feel her butt pressing down on your privates. That’s just wrong on many levels. (Basement 1 to level 2 to be exact)


This picture looks so very wrong. I’m serious. I mean look at their expressions

Though 1 bone I have to pick with this episode is that the touching scene is not as touching as the first few, maybe the mood was a little off and all but the scene just did not make me go, “Ah!” in a girly voice. Other than that it was nice, especially the part with the net. I should try that out to catch my own loli.


Yeah! Dum dum dum! Get the AKB48 reference?

But other than that, I think this episode brings us to the real starting point of the anime. We have all our main characters, with Moritani being on good terms with Kotoura, this arc of introduction is more or less settled.


Oh… wow. Aren’t priests supposed to be religious?

But at the same time, it means we can move on to other problems like the secret that the senpais share among themselves and the deeper dark secrets of being an ESPer.


*Evil Laugh*


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