Haganai NEXT Ep 4 – Turning Point

Picking up exactly where Episode 3 left off, the episode leaves the question of Kodaka’s arranged marriage with Sena unanswered and transitions into another typical scenario for friends: going to a theme park. It’s a very generic and predictable start.

Screen shot 2013-02-01 at PM 07.32.40

Yeah :/

The jokes are pretty much recycled and it works to comfortably move the scenes along. I thought the Black Dragon gag was a little long, but it was very effective at conveying how much of a rape train the ride was. Since I’ve had the pleasure of being forced to go on terrifying ride before, I related very easily to Yozora, Sena, Maria and Kobato.


My thoughts weren’t much different

Besides the vulgarity, another cautionary observation is that fanservice is at a higher-than usual level in this episode…
Fanservice pic 1Fanservice Pic 2






Even with all that, viewers will inevitably become used to the rhythm of the series by now and start cruising through the series until a more significant episode hits. It’s not really a let down, more like it marks the start of the chain of average Episodes you can skip if you’re going to Re-watch…


Haganai hasn’t disappointed me yet and it didn’t start today. The twist seriously came out of the blue. We’d already long accepted Yukimura as a guy, but now they turn around and slap us with the bombshell that he’s a she. First Rika, now Yukimura. No wonder Yozora’s so sad.

Like with every episode, even though I knew it was time for it, I prayed the ED wouldn’t arrive for just a few more minutes. I really wanted to see Kodoka pick up on Yozora’s obvious jealousy.

Screen shot 2013-02-01 at PM 07.23.14

Haganai is winding up the tension between Kodoka and Yozora in the shadows of each episode. Something big is gonna happen between them – As if I needed to be any more eager for the next episode to come out.

Again, I had a blast with this episode, although the fun time was a step down in this one. However, the pressure is on now. Will Haganai down the ante and serve us less eventful episodes to build up for a heavy duty installment? Or will it just throw out an episode that will rock us like the Black Dragon?


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