Chihayafuru 2 Ep 3 – High School Championship

Chihayafuru is back, with the emotional scenes that we absolutely love! The main thing this episode is the High School Championship: Tokyo Regional which was so BIG last season, but this season’s arrived really quickly. We also see familiar faces from last season in this episode which made me really glad.

YAY Shinobu is not fat XP

YAY Shinobu is not fat XP

There was certainly slightlyy more of Arata this week. The episode started with him losing to Murao in the Fukui Tournament and with him speaking for the first time this season, “My current goal is the High School Championship,” signalling the start of the championships and shifting the attention to Chihaya and Taichi. Though Arata does not get much screen time, his presence is felt from start to end, along with Shinobu’s first appearance, further reinforcing the fact that Arata is participating in the individual tournament.

Kinda freaky...

Kinda freaky…

Another familiar face would be Retro (sadly, Sudou has graduated)..

And something to look forward to: an ultimate weapon?

And something to look forward to: an ultimate weapon?

Well, we wanted more development on Tsukuba and they gave us exactly that. It was kinda bad for him wanting to change the lineup but he only wanted to please his brothers, Fuyumasa, Haruomi and Natsusou. I really find the naming of the 4 brothers interesting – Aki (Autumn), Fuyu (Winter), Haru (Spring), Natsu (Summer). Is this common for families in Hokkaido? (or even teach their children to run into pretty people?!)  Anyways, the three younger brothers are really adorable and are full of admiration for their older brother.

Wow! All 1 year apart!

Wow! All 1 year apart!

However, he was just not good enough at first verse karuta yet, and being lined up with a Class A player (West High’s captain), Tsukuba was just powerless. But powerful were the moments after he lost, especially when his brothers ran to Chihaya instead of him but later indirectly encouraged him to become better.

Never thought of seeing Tsukuba cry...

Never thought of seeing Tsukuba cry…

The real hero of the episode was Tsutomu, where he prevented history from repeating itself, (at least for Tsukuba, Sumire doesn’t really care) changing the lineups to allow the first years to play – Sumire in the first game and Tsukuba in the second along with a witty argument. Though it was more of cause Tsutomu could relate to Tsukuba where he was the weakest in the team and felt not needed the previous year. Well, I guess they could afford to that with three almost sure wins from Nishida, Taichi and Chihaya, with 2 perfect games!

He deserves that...

He deserves that…

Sumire was not as standing out this episode and truthfully, Tsukuba is more likable than her so far… However, I do hope to see the time when Sumire actually becomes serious about Karuta.

Good that she's starting to use more cells...

Good that she’s starting to use more brain cells…

With that, I am looking forward to the next episode with more matches in the championship! I really do not know what to expect but probably more focus on Sumire next episode? Also, will we see the secret weapon of Hokuou next?

I guess she'll be getting the trophy back soon...

I guess she’ll be getting the trophy back soon…


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