Anime Fulfilment or just Fantasy

The folks over at Nabe have started a blog carnival which can be interpreted as the gauntlet slap. Just kidding. But they invited us to join in this really interesting topic and since I love interesting topics such as this let’s do it!

Not sure what month this calendar is for but it's eye candy.

Not sure what month this calendar is for but it’s eye candy.

Honestly at the start I really have no idea what it meant so after me asking several stupid questions I got my answer. “What nice fantasy thoughts that anime has allowed you to have?” Is how I will interpret this interesting topic in a rather depressing way but I guess being a realist is alright. So which anime will I choose for this? Which anime has slapped me so hard that it has garnered me (somewhat real but actually false) life experience that life has not bestowed upon me?



Seeing that I have a limit on the number of animes that I can choose so that you won’t give up halfway… I have forced myself to stick with 3++. Heads up these are all not “fantastic mind-blowing Oscar-winning” animes, but simply anime that have impacted me enough to do write about them.

Yes... this proves I have no life. The epic scenes of KamiNomi. "Ahoo~!"

Yes… this proves I have no life. The epic scenes of KamiNomi. “Ahoo~!”

The World Only God Knows
Why this weird harem show? Well… it did give me a general dating tips and how to serenade girls. Then some of you might go, “Buuuuut… that’s from an anime! There’s no way in hell/heaven that that can actually work!” Surprise, surprise, I asked quite a few female friends of mine. If you do everything they like to see from a guy, even if you don’t exactly show affection, they will fall in love with you. No I’m not the date guru, but if you research about a girl and learn more about her, getting her to go out with you will be a lot easier. Technically. Cause theory always has a way to mess things up. So this gave me a (false) hope that I’ll find my better half someday. Weird? Obnoxious? Well…. Yeah. Will it actually work? I actually doubt it but again false hope better than no hope.

That "OOOOOO" moment.

That “OOOOOO” moment.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
What fulfillment has this show gave me? Well… never trust talking animals. And that punching the screen will not hurt anime characters. But the main touching moment of the anime was Homura time-leaping again and again (and again) just to save Madoka. It’s nice to think that the little thing you do might actually instill a person for them to actually do so much for you. Like someone is supporting you with or without you knowing about it.  This really gives you that warm sweet feeling.

The one moment I actually thought Yui was cool.

The one moment I actually thought Yui was cool.

Of course this has to be in. Any post that’s about loving anime must has K-ON. Actually… no. But K-ON did show me a rather interesting thing. You can have a politic-less relationship with friends that has no back stabbing, no hate and fun filled days of spending time hanging out with each other. It’s just nice to know that you have a group of people to rely on and that they’ll be there for you as much as you’ll be there for them.

This is Life

This is Life

But then wait! Life has something to say to your fantasies! “You don’t exist!” and next, you have your fantasies groaning on the ground after Life German Suplexed it. You turn away as Life proceeds to deal the finishing blow screamming “THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE!!!” Well sad truth… it’s true.

And that were your fantasies.

And that were your fantasies.

Butt wait! Anime has to have something that thwarts life’s boring never changing boredom! Just before your fantasies got knocked out, he/she tagged in… something called I-DON’T-CARE-I’LL-FIND-A-WAY. That made little to no sense, so I’ll give an example. Something you can actually fantasize and live with.

Though I still stand by the fact that Tamayura is a fungal-ed lens not something mythical.

Though I still stand by the fact that Tamayura is a fungal-ed lens not something mythical.

Something you like? Something that gives that fire to the things you do? Well focus on it and it can show you what your path. Sure people might frown and your parents might stare agape at you making that choice, but it’s what you want to do? At least you go down doing what you like I guess. Depressing, but it’s a solid dream you can rely on.


Yuru Yuri (Both Seasons)
Now all of you are going to be like, “What… Hell no!” Well on the contrary, yes.  What can you possibly  have from this anime? No I’m not going down that yuri path. More simple. Chilling and doing stupid stuff. That’s one thing I really admire about Kyoko. (Seriously yes) But yeah, doing stupid stuff… people will say it’s childish and that you’re making a fool of yourself, but for me, WHO CARES? If I don’t and as long as I watch myself it’ll be fine! Take a break from the rigid world and just have fun and for me that’s goofing around and doing stupid stuff, cracking bad jokes and the like! Surprisingly enough, less and less people are doing that.

So maybe you took something away from this or maybe you don’t. But maybe after this, you’ll look at things differently. But then again, watching anime and fantasizing about it is like a form of escapism so that might not help you so much. So… how would you use anime to escape from a world like ours.

Take my hand and run away from reality!

Take my hand and run away from reality!

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