School Days Rage Review

Not long enough ago, I came to hear of a visual novel turned Anime called “School Days”.

The synopsis reads: Makoto Ito is a young high school student. During his daily train rides, he falls for a girl called Kotonoha Katsura. When his friend, Sekai Saionji, discovers his secret crush, she helps both of them grow closer and eventually start dating. In spite of her successful matchmaking, Sekai inadvertently becomes jealous of the new couple, having also developed feelings toward Makoto.

School Days Full

Makoto isn’t in here by the way.

God, just reading the synopsis makes me upset. “Inadvertently becomes jealous”. Like she’s not a complete slut.

But before I get sidetracked, I must first say that I do apologize if I get some of the nitty gritty details of Makoto In Haremland wrong, but I really refuse to rewatch any part of that Anime. Except for maybe the end, I like the end. It satisfied me.

Let’s start with a summary of the story. Picking up from the synopsis, Makoto asks Sekai for relationship advice. She helps by letting him pretend she is Katsura and practices kissing and hugging. She’s pretty much seducing Makoto but he’s too much of a dumbass to notice. After a few days, Makoto gets bored of Katsura and starts avoiding her. One night, Makoto gives Sekai a booty call and they do the dance-with-no-pants. Get an idea of where this is going?

Lucky, Sekai is capable of some thought besides “I want the D”, realizes what she has done is wrong and tells Makoto to be true to Katsura. To this, Makoto says, (and I’m quoting directly) “But Katsura-chan will get angry.”

Well how about that. Who would have guessed. Bravo Einstein. Someone alert the Nobel Prize Committee.

Then, the horny dog Makoto secretly meets with Sekai again. This time she confesses her love for him, he accepts and Katsura happens to overhear it.

Makoto Ito

Exhibit D: Makoto Ito. D for D*ckbrain

So, Makoto starts unleashing his lust on Sekai. Meanwhile, Katsura, who is hopelessly in love with Makoto, is in denial and depressed by his absence. She begins to think it’s her own fault, slowly going insane while Makoto bangs Sekai day in day out, indoors, outdoors, his room, her place, ect.

Hold on, what’s this? Makoto gets tired of Sekai and drifts back to Katsura. But then, another girl (I can’t remember her name) throws herself onto him and it leaves Sekai heartbroken when she finds out later.

Oh, you think that’s bad?  There’s still 1… 2… 4, four more girls he bangs! He doesn’t have sex with his girlfriend, instead he sticks it into six other girls without even breaking up with her beforehand. That’s right, go take a look at the picture above. He screwed every girl in there except one, plus 2 nameless girls.

I don’t want to go into details because the actions of the scumbag Makoto are as senseless as they are sexual. First other girl he pokes is Sekai’s best friend, Setsuna, who makes him promise to be true to Sekai in return for sex. He then breaks his promise by bedding the second, third and fourth, who are sluts that caught word of his sexual adventures and wanted to try.

Setsuna School Days

This is Setsuna. I feel sad every time I see her.

If you think you can justify School Days by saying it falls under the Hentai-ish Anime Genre like High School DxD, you are sadly mistaken. There’s no fan service like that in it. There’s not even a single nice romantic moment. No, all you get is Makoto and cat-fights between the girls who like him.

The worst part is probably that the girls are actually likeable, save for the nameless sluts. Sekai is bright, kind and encouraging. Katsura is sweet and gentle. Setsuna is freaking MOE and selfless and well-meaning. Unfortunately, they all somehow have loose morals. Makoto lies and cheats every one of them. It’s not even deliberate either. If it was intentional, it would still be better because then at least it would show he has the capacity to think past sex.

After all that, Makoto is told by Sekai that she is pregnant. This wakes him up and he realizes his mistake. Well too little, too late Pen*shead. Makoto proceeds to ditch Sekai and get back with Katsura. She begs him, but he proceeds to make out with Katsura right in front of Sekai. Sekai calls Makoto over to talk about the baby and ends up stabbing him brutally.

I don’t blame her at all.

Dead Makoto

My favourite part

Katsura finds out and confronts Sekai, fighting her with a knife and killing her. She then cuts open Sekai’s abdomen and finds there is no baby. Sekai was lying about pregnancy. The last scene is Katsura cuddling Makoto’s severed head on her family yacht. By the way, Katsura severed it herself. Keep in mind that this is made from a Visual Novel so there are multiple possible endings. I’ve checked out most of them and this is the second most gruesome.

My consolation is that Makoto sort of got what he deserved. I’ll always hold a grudge against him for taking advantage of Setsuna though.

Aside from my choice of adjectives and nouns, I tried to be factual with the plot summary. If you choose to watch this show, don’t go in hating it. Some people like it. I just hope I’ve made it easier for you to decide if you want to sit through the 12 episodes or live your life free from School Days.


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3 thoughts on “School Days Rage Review

  1. I thought that the whole point of School Days was to justify Makoto’s gruesome end? Some even called him the deconstruction of your standard harem protagonist.

    • You’re right. One of the reviews I saw that praised it highly was focused on that.
      When you sit down compare it to a regular Harem main character, Makoto is exactly what you’ve said.
      But, I think they went really overboard on his obnoxiousness though. So much so that not many people actually think about it any deeper than surface value. Myself included.

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