The New Year Flood

Happy New 2013 reader!

The Anime world decided to throw out a bunch of highly-anticipated, long-awaited content before we could stop using the line “2012 felt just like yesterday”.

Sanka Rea

Yes, barely 24 hours after we crossed into the year 2013, we got a ton of stuff. We got Sakarea’s second OVA. We got the first episode of Nekomonogatari and we get not 2, but 4 episodes of Kokoro Connect wrapping up the series.

Tsubasa Cat

There’s always room for more of this

I have 6 torrents running simultaneously to try and grab all this content right now. Hopefully I will get up an episodic post of Nekomonogatari quickly and get the ball rolling for 2013.

I‘ve been waiting so long for the last 4 eps of Kokoro Connect. I hope Inaba ends up with Taichi. Find out in 80 minutes or so.

As for Sankarea… Fanservice goggles on!

Kick start the new year? Try a 360 spinning, rocket-powered, bone-crushing roundhouse kick to the face.


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