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If you have seen my previous post, you would know that I love music and thus, this is kind of a continuation of the earlier post, a proper review of one of my favourite animes this year, Tari Tari. I’ll try my best to give a fair view of the anime and no spoilers. Time for this EXTREMELY late review of Tari Tari.

I have been studying... and awww-ing at all the moe xP

I have been studying… and awww-ing at all the moe xP

The story of 5 people brought together by Konatsu to form the Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club is one that brings no surprises up till the end. People may not like it as it’s predictable but I feel that Tari Tari keeps it simple and that is the way it should be. It is a slice-of-life and has arcs on each character (though shorter for the males). Being a slice-of-life, it did achieve bringing laughs and smiles and almost tears, not needing to wow or surprise watchers. Hence, keeping it simple was the key to Tari Tari’s success.


The themes of music and dreams are also brought out strongly. After all, it was music who really brought the 5 together. The theme was also reinforced in Wakana’s arc and in her trying to finish writing the song. Of course, the seiyuus are also all renowned for their singing, bringing joy to our ears. On top of these, the theme of dreams never left: Sawa with horse riding, Taichi with badminton, Wien with his friend, Konatsu and Wakana with music.

Dreamer by AiRI :D

The OP is dreamer after all (by AiRI)

In my opinion, there is no central character in Tari Tari, though Wakana could be considered one. At the start, Konatsu seems like the main character but she was just the catalyst to get things moving. With no central character, it brings out the fact that the 5 are all in a choir group, all helping each other in the anime and in character development. However, the males did receive less development, which is on one hand a pity but on the other hand, left more screen time for the girls’ development.

The usual loud Konatsu :)

The usual loud Konatsu

Well, though Tari Tari may not leave much of an impact, it would be good for people who just started watching anime and for music lovers. An anonymous person said this and said it well, “Tari Tari is the chicken noodle soup of anime – there is nothing flashy or adventurous, but it’s good, easy to digest, and leaves a warm feeling inside afterwards”. So, if you have not watched Tari Tari, do give it a try or if you have watched, feel free to voice out your thoughts!

Wakana Neko!!!

Wakana Neko!!!

Oh.. and here’s an early Happy New Year from me!! 😀

Mark the dates for Season 2!!!

Mark the dates for Season 2!!!


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