Sakurasou and the Feels

So the first arc of Sakurasou has ended and so time for me to force my opinions about this show to you. Seeing that this show has been an emotional roller coaster with a hell lot of random jokes thrown in, making this show on of the most enjoyable of this season. Sorry Cynic, Chuu2koi not so much.

Cool down and relax

Cool down and relax

At first sight, this seems nothing more than a fanservice filled anime held together by nothing more than the sticky power of moe. But then J.C. Staff (Finally) decided to pull something good off and actually made well played drama.

For me the main thing that made this show something above from the other animes in this season is how I really empathize with it. Inferiority to everyone around you, putting in more effort to achieve success compared to others and having to live with an extremely cute but blur girl. Ok fine, maybe the second one was too much.

If you’re a student struggling with your studies, I will say this show is kinda the best thing for you to watch to get back on your feet.

But I think after you get back on your feet, Mashiro will knock you off with her moe.

But I think after you get back on your feet, Mashiro will knock you off with her moe.

Plus, this show is not just all about feeling sorry for yourself. It adds in cheesy humor here and there along with a mix of lolis and kansai-ben with hints of fanservice to please those who have wilder imaginations. The characters, one of the strongest point of the anime are amazing. But somehow, I find hints of Toradora inside here like Minori and Misaki are kind of along the same wavelength in terms of insanity. Each of the characters, although still very two dimensional, have a interesting feel to them that makes their antics a whole lot more entertaining.

So why will I say this show is good? I like it and therefore I find it good. Any particular reasons for me do not like it? Maybe cut down on the melodrama and change the studio producing it to kyoto animation and I will be sold, good and proper. I can’t really find the words to describe how much enjoyment I got out of it, so if you still have not watched it yet, give it a go.9686_d74a_500


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2 thoughts on “Sakurasou and the Feels

  1. I doubt kyoani would dedicate enough budget for a 22 or 24 episode series of this show though. JC Staff did a real fine job for Sakurasou.

    Kyoani specialises (recently) in turning not-so-good original materials (chu2koi, and to some extent K-ON) into real good stuff.

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