12th Day of Animas – Openings

You thought there was going to be only one Animas post today?

Well think again!

I was scheduled to post on the last day and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Who needs part 2 of a Cynical review of an Anime everyone has seen? (I’m just kidding. You should really check it out if you like big words)

Today, I want to talk about Anime Openings!


Nanpeiji mo tsuiyashite….

My favourite opening is Aoi Shiori from Ano Hana by Galileo Galilei. For me it has a sort of magical quality. Maybe it’s the prevalent, catchy vibrant tune that runs from intro to outro. Or maybe it’s that the song’s mood corresponds perfectly with the theme of the Anime and stirs up memories of a warm, seemingly endless summer spent in the company of best friends. Regardless, I was mesmerized the first time I heard the tune in the first episode and continue to be moved every time I play it and is the only Opening I’ve never skipped.

Bakemonogatari Christmas

I finally get to use this.

A close second was Staple Stable from Bakemonogatari by Chiwa Saitio. I like Senjougahara as a character (probably because I’m an M) and I like Chiwa Saito’s voice. I love the strumming pattern of the guitar that’s so bright-sounding it’s almost unreal. It reminds me of Senjougahara smiling. Chiwa Saito’s voice weaves with the guitar and ticking sound effects seamlessly, producing a sound that never fails to make me feel cheerful for some reason. Thinking about it makes me want to re-watch Bake.

All that said, good songs don’t always make good OPs. I really like Q&A Recital from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun by Tomatsu Haruka as a song and I like the anime. Nothing strikes me when the OP plays. Sure it’s a nice, catchy song but it just doesn’t connect with the show.

Perhaps I’m being too melodramatic. OPs are in essence music accompanied by animation. Also, it’s hard to have a “bad” OP. Even if a show happens to have a detestable OP, people can choose to skip it or do other things while it plays in the background.

But that’s a waste. Openings can be powerful. It can serve to set the mood for the episodes (especially if the OP changes with the arcs), subtly pulling you in emotionally. If done right, it can become a beacon under which fans can store and retrieve their feelings for the show. It becomes impossible to think of the show without the OP’s melody entering your mind and vice versa.

That’s the end of my little post. Of course most of you will be reading it the day after tomorrow since it’s Christmas in a few minutes. Anyway, Merry Christmas!

Christmas MOE

Moe for everyone! I’m quite proud to say I know who all 5 are.


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