10th Day of Animas. Goriness?

Some anime have made use of the theme sadness and goriness and people watch it because of the anime’s tragic ending. Why are these animes despite their goriness yet enjoyable? So let’s move on!

Lucy from Elfen Lied :O

Lucy from Elfen Lied :O

One of the more famous gory anime known as ”Elfen Lied”, Lucy is a Duclonius girl whic is a new species of human race and being rejected by the people, she wants revenge. This led to the many killings in the anime and despite her killings, it was all because of a sad reason. Of course an anime like this would have a tragic ending, but is it nice enough to watch?

Trapped forever....

Trapped forever….

Another ”popular” gory anime would be ”Deadman Wonderland”, the name of this anime already can hint that it is a gory one. Deadman Wonderland is a prison where all dead-rowed inmates go and Ganta is one of them. In order to survive, cast points are need, and to get cast points, an inmate has to perform in the fancilities lethal games and survive. All the blood splashing and seeing how the inmates brutally slaughter each other. Especially the penalty if you lose, requires you to hit the jackpot. Depending on what you get, the outcome is always gruesome.

She's doing something disgusting ._.

She’s doing something disgusting ._.

So why do people continue watching? Based on personal opinion, man has hardly seen or experienced the dismemberment and the fascination of death leaves people to be extremely curious and no matter how YOU do not feel like watching, it is the human nature to look at the screen and continue watching it.

Some cuteness so you wouldn't feel disgusted :P

Some cuteness so you wouldn’t feel disgusted đŸ˜›

Liking gory stuff does not mean you’re sadistic or anything. It’s just part of the human nature. That just proves you are able to emotionally detatch yourself from the goriness and resume with your normal life. That of course does not mean you go out and kill everyone in your neighbourhood though. That’s….abit too far…

Another seiyuu!

Another seiyuu!

To end off my last day for Animas, let’s do it with another Seiyuu! Ayana Taketatsu. She voices Azusa in K-ON and voices Suguha/Lyfa from SAO! Have a nice day ahead!


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