9th Day of Animas. Harem influence!

My milkshake bring all the girls to the yard. Yep! I said GIRLS! Harem animes can be so enjoyable and so fun seeing a boy in the anime reacting to all the girls around him. Isn’t it exciting?!



The plots of Harem animes are usually comical and (if you were me :P) the girls in the anime will keep your eyes stuck to the screen. In fact from Harem animes you can learn how girls react in private and at the same time enjoy the reactions of different girls in the anime.

Cutie pie! (^oo^)

Cutie pie! (^oo^)

I think all girls in animes have very sweet and pleasant voices. MOST of them have such cuuute voices! And of course, they have to be pretty otherwise…..you know. Who would want to watch an anime with unappealing appearance throughout the whole anime without the sight of a hot/cute girl.

Shinonono Houki! <3

Shinonono Houki! ❤

Due to different prespectives, the slightly ”cleaner” people think that Harem animes are ”disgusting” and ”obnoxious” because Harem animes usually lack storyline. They think it focuses more on the outside beauty of the characters and how majority of the girls are just for fanservice. But that’s not entirely true.

To Love RU! :D

To Love RU! 😀

So why does Harem animes have such an influential power over people? Well, most importantly they capture the viewer’s eyes. Secondly, as the girls/boys cohabitates or either have an intimate relationship with the main character, either a boy or girl, depending on which gender has majority, it is always entertaining to see how he/she reacts in a situation where he is under constant pressure from the opposite sex, thus as previously said most of them are usually comical, it makes the viewer more intrigued and carry on watching!

Hey look! A Seiyuu!

Hey look! A Seiyuu!

To end off, here’s a picture of one of my favourite seiyuu, Nana Mizuki! Have a great evening! 🙂

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