7th Day of Animas – The Power of Music

So, today (my last day *sniff*), I will be talking about one of my loves… MUSIC. And coincidentally, there was an anime this year about this, Tari Tari! (So dont mind all the tari tari references)

It reaches out to the whole world~

It reaches out to the whole world~

The main thing about music is that it allows you to express your feelings and thoughts through it. Isn’t that wonderful… For instance, “Kokoro no Senritsu” from Tari Tari is about recalling the GOOD times friends spent together. Hence, it is apt with the group of 5 friends and choir brought together by Konatsu.


Be it a love song, a metal song or even a school song, each song has a story or message to convey. Hence, we can play or sing the song with feelings and power. Similarly, the OPs and EDs in animes are mostly linked to the anime and portray similar themes. AiRI’s Dreamer and OP of Tari Tari shows this with the theme of chasing dreams.

Didn't know she looked quite......good

Didn’t know she looked quite……good

Ok, now let’s throw away who can sing or not for now and talk about the good things music bring. Well, singing songs actually do help to relieve stress. It’s better than shouting at a beach or something as you are actually singing a proper tune! Singing songs can just be like talking about your feelings to someone. Recently, I did some karaoke and dang, it was fun… I just let loose and really sang my heart out haha!

Super Smash Bros haha. Loved the wii game

Super Smash Bros haha. Loved the wii game xP

Moreover, music can bring people together. This is especially so for choirs and bands. People with interests in music come together to make music together. So nice… Personally, I am in a choir and it is really fun getting to sing with people and get to know more people through the choir. Music can also always be a common topic as many people listen to music, just different genres. Well, I feel that anybody can sing, as long as they feel the song or want to express their own feelings. Thus, grab some friends and go karaoke or just make music! The connections that music gives are more than you can imagine!




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