6th Day of Animas – More Cuteness!!!

To start off, I would like to thank you all for the support for yesterday’s posts! And without further a do, I shall start the post: LOLIS!!!


Before we get to all the cuteness that lolis bring, I feel that we should talk about what can be considered a loli? In my opinion, it really depends on the person as some people may consider girls who are above 18 years old but still looking like a loli a loli. Others may not agree. However, generally, lolis would be under 18 years old. Height wise, it doesn’t really matter as long as they look and behave like a loli. Anyways, I actually wouldn’t mind considering a girl who is above 18 years but still cute and fun-size a loli. Just like when Ogura Yui hits 19 years old, she will still be a loli in my eyes đŸ˜›

You can never get enough of yui xP

You can never get enough of yui xP

Just like all cute things do, lolis never fail to make you go “awww”…. Almost all animes have a loli! Why? To entertain of course! I would just give some from this season, Silica from SAO, Sorata’s sister (Yuuko) from Sakurasou. I would just touch on Kanda Yuuko a bit because her episode was awesome… (and because she was voiced by yui). The ONE episode with yuuko brought about much laughters and awws.. It was an episode after the slightly serious aoyama episode and so lightened the mood and definitely gave joy to watchers! The way she popped up every few minutes and her dadum-da-dadum are unforgettable!



As for the behaviour of lolis, innocent and childlike of course. Let me ask a question, are babies cute? Well, besides their crying which may be annoying, they are overall CUTE. I sound like a pedophile… Therefore, lolis portray these characteristics and you can’t deny that they’re cute tooo. However, there are lolis who display other characteristics. Taiga from Toradora shows this as she is rather brutal and a tsundere. However she is still rather innocent when she’s all deredere.

So cold... yet so cute...

So cold… yet so cute…

So, what do you consider a loli? If you didn’t know, I do love singing so i would leave you with some real life singing lolis :D.

headbanger is really crazy hahaha

headbanger is really crazy hahaha

Babymetal is really quite good! Shortest is 138 cm and they’re 14 or 15 years old haha!


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