3rd Day of Animas. Seiyuu Zoom-In: Ookubo Rumi

Today, on (barely still) the third day of Animas, I will do a post that I personally enjoy. A seiyuu post! On a seiyuu that I predict and hope will become one of the big names out there. You may not have heard her name before, but she is Ookubo Rumi!

Stalking Details for all you pervs =D

Stalking Details for all you pervs =D

She is still a relatively new seiyuu and the roles she has aren’t really that many, but after listening to a few of a roles and hearing her range, I have a hunch that she’ll make it big sooner or later. Plus she’s still young for a seiyuu, so at 22, she will definitely be able to shine by the time she’s 24 or so like most other seiyuu.

Eye candy, that's what all these pics are for.

Eye candy, that’s what all these pics are for.

A few notable roles she has are Chinatsu in Yuru Yuri, Cure Muse in Suite Precure and Tsumiki in Acchi Kocchi. Each of these roles have their own special touch and although personally I hate Chinatsu, her voice is good.


An interesting thing to note about Rumi is that sometimes she seems to be rather blur. Like during the Yuru Yuri season 2 announcement during the radio, while the rest were all tearing up, she kinda had a really blank look on her face which was rather interesting to see. (the video has been taken off youtube and finding it on Nico Nico is beyond my current abilities. Instead, enjoy this video or not)

Most people say that she sounds a lot like Ayana Taketatsu and Fujita Saki to the point that people really get mixed up over who is who. It doen’t help that they all voice characters in Yuru Yuri. If you didn’t notice yet, she’s also quite the looker >.> So, although I dun really do this often, SEIYUU PIC DUMP!

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Oh yeah, when she does become big and this blog still remains, I will dig up this post and let my ego inflate from predicting this correctly! xD


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