2nd Day of Animas. A Whole New World

On the second day of Animas, we’ll tackle something serious! “Ooo… he said se-ri-ous!” Actually. No. We’ll talk about 2D vs 3D. Quite sure who the winner is already though.

For a start, 2D lolis are a whole lot less annoying that their 3D conterparts.

For a start, 2D lolis are a whole lot less annoying that their 3D conterparts.

First up, which do you prefer to live in? The real world or a fictional one from you know… fiction? Not really a hard choice right? It is a fictional world filled with dreams where anything is possible and vampires sparkle in the sunlight. Hence we will definitely go for this 2D world.

Much as it is fun to imagine the fictional world… we must always remember which world we are in right now. The real but slightly boring and crappy one. But we live in this world and by its rules. Which certain people do not get and leads to really big problems which I shall now poke with a ten foot pole. Suicides, threats to seiyuu, hikkomori, middle school sickness and the like. Moving on…

Special (Non-existant) Powers

Special (Non-existant) Powers

However, at the same time, we cannot help but want to imagine living in a 2D world. You know, after seeing a really awesome episode, you’ll go “That will never happen in real life… But if it did, it would be awesome!” So here’s a question, if you could live in one world of your choice, which would you choose?

Can't make up my mind.

Can’t make up my mind!!!

For me, I can’t… really decide between 2. The world of Railgun or the world of Dog Days. Railgun cause it will be exactly like normal school live but you have super powers thrown in at the same time and well… it kinds of intrigues me. Like instead of studying to become smarter so that you can get better paper qualifications, you study to improve your powers. It’s more tangible and a whole much more awesome.

She's shockingly hot. "I see what you did there" "Shut up"

She’s shockingly hot. “I see what you did there” “Shut up”

Dog Days? Well, it is a fantasy world that I love. The rules of Flonyard are amazingly convenient and fun to live in. Plus it allows me to escape from my life from being a mere number in the system to being a hero in a wondrous world. Plus the fact that you can beat up anyone and they will not get injured really appeals to me. And the special powers… “And?” you might ask. And… yes… because all the girls there have animal ears. You got me.

It.. it's not as if I'm tsundere or anything!

It.. it’s not as if I’m tsundere or anything!

So what is a world you would like to live in? Is it amazing and wondrous? And at the same time, let us take some time to enjoy our world.

A world that has Hanazawa Kana!

A world that has Hanazawa Kana!


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