1st Day of Animas. Choosing Shows!

So, in around 12 days time, it’ll be Christmas, the season of giving and sharing. To commemorate this, we at Vocal Mimi have decided to go for the 12 Days of Ani-Christmas (Animas) and hope that you will join us along for this journey.


Gather round it’s the Christmas Season!

So let’s begin with this topic. Choosing which anime to watch.

At the start of every new season, or near the end of the previous one, we start going through the upcoming list and choose which show to pick. But is there any effective method to actually pick great anime? Consistently and every single time? Nope.

At first I thought the anime was good, then after readubg the LN... Not so much

At first I thought the anime was good, then after reading the LN…               Not so much

Sure you can see the PVs and read the light novel or play the visual novel it was based on but that gets you so far. *Cough* SAO *Cough* and (somewhat) ruin the entire show for you. Or what you expect to be crap can actually be not so bad. *Cough* AKB0048 *Cough* (still crap but not thaaat bad.)

So how do I pick shows? 3 ways. Simple and easy to do.

1. Go by the feel. You see, you like, you watch. Simple enough right? You just go completely with your gut feeling. Does the PV interest you or do the character designs make you squeal in excitement, if they do, then go for it! Even if the show turns out bad at least you learned what a bad anime is like and how bad can anime get.

You see, you like!

You see, you like!

2. See what people around you say on it. If you spend as much time as I do on twitter and the like, you will see many people discussing the anime that they plan to watch and the reasons why. Doing this can sometimes save you the trouble of checking out the anime on your own and at the same time you already found people to talk to about the anime. Downside? Everyone has tastes, so you might want to listen to those who share the same taste of anime as you.

Random Pic, but isn't it great to do things together?

Random Pic, but isn’t it great to do things together?

3. Seeing the seiyuu cast. The weirdest one but yeah… I do that quite often. You see a seiyuu name that you like and love so much, go ahead and watch that show! This is kind of a win-win situation, cause even if the anime stoops so low and your keyboard is broken from you smashing your head on it, you got to hear your favorite seiyuu voicing a new character that will surely mesmerize you and give you eargasms, even though your mind will be in a lot of pain.

I'm just saying that seiyuus have rather lot of power persuading me.

I’m just saying that seiyuus have rather lot of power persuading me.

So how do you choose the show? I know there are other ways, but these are the ways that I rely on. So tell me! Until then, join us for Day 2.


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