Post-EOY Post

EOY is over, we all had our fun. Now for me to say what I have to say about the event. It was hella fun.


I’m glad to say I took them up on their offer.

But it wasn’t perfect and there are a few things I would like to point out. The only gripe I have is with the venue. Yes, like mentioned before, Marina Barrage is beautiful and it has so many places for good shots (look below) but damn that place is hard to go to. The fact that only 1 bus services the area and that it takes so long for just one bus makes things rather inconvenient. Next is the lighting at night. There was none. It was kinda hard to navigate through the area when it is pitch black, just saying.

Who could guess that the fountain was under repair?

Who could guess that the fountain was under repair?                                       (and looked nothing like this(

And as a photographer I don’t really mind, but I think the cosplayers were really overheating from being in the sun too long. I was in a thin white shirt and already it was pushing my limits.

But the plus point? It was truly a fun event. Sure AFA was on a larger scale, but EOY really gives you a homely feeling to relax and get baked by the sun. None of that crazy mad dash for the SAO booths or people gruffly grabbing your lens and shoving it downwards. It was like a fun event to explore the entire area, spotting good cosplays every once in a while. Did I mention the fact that it was completely ani-music being blasted? “Happy Synthesizer duh duh duh duh” *wild dancing*


And although the stage was on the small side, the performance put out was simply amazing. Great thought was put into most of the performances and if you were there, I’m sure at least one performer or two should have wowed you.

Regrettably, the “MMORPG Theme” that was featured was easily overshadowed by the cosplaying and stage performances. It was an interesting concept – Scan QR codes that were pasted on walls and pillars to “fight monsters and level up” – but nobody seemed to care. The rewards for participating in the “Quest” were also not clearly spelt out, leaving many to give up halfway after it had lost it’s inital novelty. And for more media stuff like pictures, you can go to Sleepycs over here.

Just too much awesome

Just too much awesome

Really the thing for me this EOY was really how friendly everyone was. Though the not good with talking to people me didn’t really meet and made new friends, I had fun with the small… awkward conversations I shared with the other attendees. Plus the $0 was really attractive. Am I going next year? You bet. Psst… If you are a cosplayer and want to collab tell me!

DSC_9466 DSC_9453


I just loved the feeling of this.


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