The Girls of SAO

Seeing that I am a (horrible) literature student, I thought why not characterize the characters which have the most interesting people in it and at the same time, a free database for a good read, seeing the SAO wiki hardly provides information of the character. After a while I settled on Sword Art Online from the fact that the girls in it are adorable. So enjoy this compilation of information and opinions about the main SAO girls.

Love this artist’s style! (Girl on left is Shino, look out for her)

The main girl of the series and has a giant fan base. As a character, she symbolises that so-called perfect girl with the looks, the skill and the cuteness. You can easily see from the anime and light novel that she has everything needed to make fans go gaga over her. Cooking skills, brave, rather smart and extremely well-endowed, along with a sense of honor.

Not too much of an Asuna fan, but she’s great eye candy!

What’s more she is a like a princess in the tower, waiting for the hero (who might be you) to rescue her. The kind of relationship she shares with Kirito is the lovey-dovey kind with both of them being close to each other and sharing almost everything. However, it is obvious that her strength comes from Kirito and that she relies on him much more than the other way round. Plus being voiced by Tomatsu Haruka, her moe voice is really brought out.

If a Foil (it’s a real kind of sword) user is called a Foilist…                               what do you call a rapier user?

However at the same time she has a fear that she will not be good enough to match up to the Kirito that she looks up to.

What does every single show full of girls need? A loli.  Silica fits the bill perfectly. Over confident from the amount of attention she receives, she’s the type that needs an older figure to watch over her to prevent her from making mistakes or protecting her when she does. Guess who that would be?

I do not like lolis, but I am a pathological liar.

Her feisty personality got carried over to ALO as a Cait Sith (no that’s hardly a spoiler) and the way she looks young but has plans to win Kirito over is admirable but as we all know, futile. But still she shares a platonic relationship with Kirito, but she could move on. >.> Contary to being voiced by a rather new seiyuu, Hidaka Rina, her voice is good enough to melt you into a puddle.

Did someone say Cat?

Every cocky main character needs someone to keep him in check and hopefully at the same time bash his head with a smith’s hammer. The cheerful ever smiling yet blunt and cheeky smith that feel in love with Kirito (as every girl in the show does).

And all the masochists screamed “Hit me with that hammer!”

She is slightly mirrored by Suguha, in the way they choose to not pursue their relationship with their Kirito for how much they value their different relationships. In the later parts of the novel, she barely appears and when she does appear as mere comic relief (along with Silica). Strangely enough, contary to her personality, she has a rather child-like look, you know… the hair and all… What?

Spamming fanservice is not really my style, but it’s the best way to get across how cute a girl is.

So her relationship with Kirito kind of downgraded from a boy-girl relationship to smith-swordsman.


Well, for those of you who can never get a girlfriend and get married and etc etc to increase the world’s population, she’s a good answer. Well, if someone does (and there will) Rule 34 of this, there will be Yui x Kirito…… I will stop here. But those two are just father and daughter so let’s just ignore that thought.

2028, I am waiting for this kind of AI to get invented.

But as a adorable loli voiced by the loli Itou Kanae, she is absolutely a dream daughter and Halloween you will be the envy of everyone with her dressed as a pixie. Plus as an AI, she does your homework, can you ask for anything more?

Plus she can cock-block. Wait… What kind of block is that?

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you do, please comment so that I know you enjoyed it and I can begin starting for the rest of the girls! If you want me to go full literature style and write a 1000 word essay on a certain character as a challenge, I will do it. But in return, you join the Vocal Mimi community! =D With this, I leave you with a picture of… fanservice.

And then…. BAM!


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