We arrived on time!

So it’s late November and it’s the late side of late November, and yes, I am rather late. But from this point on, I declare Vocal Mimi open! And while it might seem boring, I’ll run you through the various things we will do on the blog.

1. Most mainstream Anime stuff.
We will post impressions and reviews of general day to day anime as well as recommend you some older anime that we found interesting enough for you. Come here for your daily dose of anime stuff and once in a while, interesting news.
Writers that cover this will be: Every one of us xD It is mainstream stuff afterall.

What? You’re that suprised? ^ ^

2. Seiyuu stuff

The seiyuu nut part of the blog. Mainly, I’ll introduce you to seiyuu that are interesting, and translate their blogs for interesting events or share with you news that you can probably get elsewhere. Feel free to discuss seiyuu and fanboy/girl along with me.
Poor lonely dude doing this alone: Sleepy

Who cares? I have these… pictures to keep me company!

3. Interesting thoughts and comments about any anime-related stuff.
These are interesting ideas that we have come up with and hopefully can get some discussion going online. The ideas are random but will have at least little connection to anime. Feel free to come here to have silly thoughts flooding your mind, or if you want to feel smart and stare off into the distance with wide dreamy eyes, as the cute girl next you softly caresses your… *ahem*

That’s right. gaze away… By the way, does this smell like chloroform?

4. Surprise
it’s a… surprise. That involves cats. Meow.

We do have other segments that we plan to push forward next time but for the moment, we’ll focus on those above. Keep an eye out for anything new =D


About sleepynoyume

To say the least, Seiyuu nut and Otaku!

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