Happy Birthday Yui-chan!

From Ogura Yui’s blog.

Everyone, this is my birthday message!!
Really I have so much to thank for
Thank you so much!!

The number of comments I had were unbelievable
it really surprised me,
and made me rea~lly happy!
Thank so so much everyone


Today is finally,
the Birthday Special
the mini live “SEVENTEEN”

The mixture of the different feelings I had was amazing
I made so many new memoriest!! (><)!!!!

Mou~ I’m really thankful for everyone’s support
so much that it gives me goosebumps  (><)
For the event,
I have always been in your care, even back in middle school
my teacher and the video tape I received from him
The staff, for two days, worked without rest to plan the event
and then,
that giant cake came out!!!!!!!(><)

It really is
the best birthday I ever had. (;_;)

Really, thank you so much everyone
So with this amazing plan
that has been prepared
I want to thank the staff as well,
Thank you so very much (;_;)

I will never forget all of this.
I have never felt so grateful in my life before (><)!!

When I was singing,
I had all kinds of emotions~!

Somehow that was really fun
it really was the best,
but at the same time it was really tough (´ω`)
but I want to keep that moment with me forever
Laughs (><)

Ah, so for
the messages on the curtain
and the presents and messages
Thank you so much!

Everyone, please
watch the recording (of the event)

Thanks to all of you, today was really
a fantastic birthday.

Thank you so much!!!

Now that I’m 17, I’ll continue to do my best

Before she wrote this blog post, she had another one about her birthday the day before. Seeing how tiring it is to translate, I’ll summarize. She gave many thanks and talked about her Birthday Event Mini Live (no idea why I gave that capital letters) and talked about when she was 16 and the many things that happened.

At the same time, Hidaka Rina (a seiyuu friend of hers) also wrote on her blog about congratulating her on her birthday and apparently she celebrated Yui’s birthday with her.


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