Massive First-ive Impressive Impressions

Welcome to one of the few random posts that we have came up with (when we were drunk, with homework) With much ado, let us start off with lots of Summer 2012 impressions and opinions!

For this post, we will be MASSIVELY covering first impressions from this Summer 2012. (Due to certain *cough* reasons the preview is not up) UsagiHugs has been forced to assist me on this and editing is done by him. UsagiHugs is the BEST! So any random sentence is done by him. (・ω<)

But before that, stuff from Spring!

First up is the anime from last season that got carried over…


Dont you feel like watching it now???

A slightly unexpected show that started late last season but with 13 episodes we will be seeing it end soon. I have nothing much to say except this show was waay better than expected. The design and characters are really well done. Even with such a crazy background story, this show is still a shocker.
Expectations? “Meh…” It is good but unless the last two episodes are great, it will be just the run-of-the-mill average anime.

Hyouka 氷菓

Chitanda… Those eyes…

My favourite (or at least one of my most) for last season. With a double cour, it will be here for a while. Don’t really need to talk much about it since I am sure you all somewhat know about it. With the new cour starting, we see a new set-up for mystery and a new ED theme. Although not as great as 『Madoromi no Yakusoku』, its still a catchy song. The characters are also really likable, along with the interesting character of Oreki.

P.S. the OVA is nosebleedingly good. 2 words. Chitanda… Swimsuit. Chitanda… Swimsuit. It is nosebleeding good so I said that both twice. (^;;^)ノ
Expectations? It’s by KyoAni and has all my favourite seiyuu. So it’s a “Very High”.

Now for the new ones… This will be loooong so keep your grip on those straitjackets tight!

Yuru Yuri ♪♪

Cuuute stuff toys!!! Oh wait… Focus on the girls!!…

Sequel to the yuri hint show that has made me burst out laughing. The second season does have a great start with good jokes that no one can expect. Examples? The freaking hammer??? Oh how about Flemming’s Left Hand Rule? (It is a method to discover the direction of force for when a current reacts to a magnetic field if you are wondering) I might sound like a nerd, but I am sure all you physics students burst out laughing when you saw that right? OP and ED as catchy as ever!!!

So far it has lived up to all I expect from a Yuri Yuri sequel and may even surpass the its predessor.
Expectations? Moderately High. I ROFL-ed at the first season, perhaps this may make me ROFLSHTIGCE (roll on floor laughing so hard that I grow cat ears)

Dog Days’

All the Characters!!! Main ones at least…

Another sequel and the first episode let me know that this would be a step up from the first season with all the characters that missed out on the action joining in. So for a sequel wise it does a great job in bringing back out the emotions you felt when you first saw Dog Days.                                                                                                                                           With more competition and characters, season 2 is set out to be more hyped up and definitely better. As Sleepy said, emotions from season 1 is brought over to this season’s and the first episode did well in amplifying that and introducing all the new characters.
Expectations? Above Average. First season caught my attention, so I will wait and see.

Tari Tari

Their voices can carry you away~

A show about choir, gives me the impression of Glee, without so much teenage drama. For the 2 episodes that I have seen, it has a simple plot, but is held by strong characters. Did I mention? Thanks to an all star cast of singing seiyuu, the singing is fantastic. But since Hugs is our school’s choir, I leave all the opinion voicing to him.                                        Yup, the harmonization in the second episode was great! I would really like to see how they develop this show after that performance.
Expectations? I like the music and the character design, so yes the expectations are high.

Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!

A harem already.. Right??

Siscons rejoice at this harem show which stars a lucky (and hopelessly dense) protagonist find a partner in life and his long lost sister, with a chance that both could probably be the same girl. As with all harems, the girls almost literally throw themselves at him. And yes, I’m here for the moe.                                                                                                So far, the show did not strike me much with their too-fast pace of development. A girl kissing the guy in the first episode after their first meeting?!? And what kind of father wants his son to marry before graduating from high school?!?! Nonetheless, I will watch this for the moe hopefully, it will get better. There may even be twists along the way.
Expectations are average, no point in hating it, no point in loving it. But I will love the OP singers.

Kokoro Connect

THAT Azusa look-a-like!!!

A slice-of-life that features clubless highschool students dumped in a club for slacking. The twist, they swap bodies, even with the opposite sex. Which leads to awkward boob grabbing, awkward questions and awkwardness. Interesting idea, characters seem to be something new (I think) so it’s not bad.

Sleepy pretty much summarised everything but this interesting plot can either bring the show up or down. Its somewhat like Natsuiro Kiseki with the appealing plot and I hope that it will turn out better than Natsuiro Kiseki. (with a better ending too!)
Expectations? Above average for more boob grabbing.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

The guy is missing!! Oh well…

The premise itself is full of promise, the characters are all weirdos in their own way and there are plenty of yaoi… sticks. It seems rather interesting at where they can go with this premise and I am excited to see how they get that guy to be a student coucil president and answers to all the weird questions that this show has given me.                                                           The first episode didn’t really strike me but the second episode definitely did. I liked how Oojima encountered a few girls and one even convinced him to join the elections, to fight for his Club!!
Expectations? Above average for moe girls and a cool premise.


The 5 Cute Girls.

A show devoted to girls talking. Yeah… That’s all. But wait, the way they show off something so simple is amazing. The conversation are quirky and full of witty remarks and bad puns that sometimes seem so bad that you actually laugh. The conversations are realistic to some extent, as a guy I have no idea, but as the show even warned us, this show is supposed to show off how cute girls are. And yes, despite their craziness, those girls are cute.                                                                                                                                          Well, I was actually laughing quite a lot in the first episode. I like how the producers actually admitted that this show has lots of talking and ironically said that its plain, even though it does give people lots to laugh about. Scenes may mainly be in that small room backstage but it is the conversations they have that are important in this show.
Expectations? Above above average. Hope to see more interesting topics they talk about and hear the catchy ED theme.

Hagure Yuusha no Esterica

Ecchi. Enough Said

Ecchi. Ecchi. Somehow our dear seiyuu Hikasa Youko has a knack for snagging ecchi roles and with many many fanservice scenes, this show seems to be your usual ecchi romance thingy. But I will see more just for the moe in the main girls. (and the seiyuu cast) Sleepy summed it up. Ecchi. Not my type haha~

Expectations? Slightly below average. I don’t have much taste for overblown ecchi and douchebag main characters. (Just saying)


Looks cool though. 😛

Throw in gods, magic and an overpowered main character and a cute girl. That’s what you will get. I like the seiyuu cast, but the way the show explains stuff is rather weird and there are many questions that become apparent as you watch the show. Action looks ok, so hmm… I will do the usual, wait and see.                                                                                                 Well, i think my view is rather biased due to Hikasa but anyways: I like the show so far due to the interesting plot and the still ok action. But then again, I like Greek Mythology and stuff so I’m double biased (・ω<).
Expectations? Lowly High.

Sword Art Online

Really high expectation for this one

A show about people stuck in a RPG and if they die, their brain gets microwaved. Interesting premise already eh? Well the whole RPG part does not really catch my attention, but the fact that this game is based on a whole lot of sword fighting which all the action scene will be based on. In my real alternate life, I am a fencer and this whole talking of swords is getting me really into the show. (It does not help that the main girl’s weapon, a  rapier, is very similar to the weapon I use in fencing. The Foil. So yes I am very hyped for this show and that I cannot wait to see what it can show us.                                                              Nothing much for me to say left but the plot is a great one! Definitely high expectations for this to see how Kirito will meet up with the girl and clear the 100 floors. Also, either the game is too hard or the players or too weak for 2000, Yes, 2000 people to die in one month                                                                                                  Expectations? Very High. They better not do something stupid with those swords.

So that’s a wrap. Gonna look forward to as the season goes by and maybe when I magically make time, watch those that I missed out. What do you think about this season? Love or hate?

Hikasa’s Character!!! :DD


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