A (really lousy) Ayana Taketatsu Birthday Blog Translation

Translated from her blog at http://ameblo.jp/strawberry-ayana/entry-11285361414.html

Today was my 23rd birthday.

Thank you everyone who sent me messages congratulating me!
It makes me feel warm inside and really happy(≧▽≦)

With that said,
Battle-san  from my new apartment had a birthday event for me~♪
I received birthday wishes from everyone all over the place
And there was that meat cake… (laugh)
I was really surprised!!
Nonetheless it was really tasty.
From the bottom of my heart I thank you! (*^^*)

There were games, singing and surprises throughout this event!!
However I did not have time to play some games and karaoke.
I’m back! \(^o^)/
It was such a precious experience!!

Mee-san and Nattsu-san surprised messages really shocked me!
It made me tear up from how happy I was, I did not expect a surprise present.


Thank you every one for sending those tweets and messages.
I was so touched by them!
I will try to remember not to cry next time,
This surprise event will never be forgotten.
I’m so random… (>_<)

Everyone has always been looking after me,
for those who came for this event,
From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you!

Everyone has always been watching over my inexperience-ness,
Gently welcoming me and supporting me
Where I reached now is thanks to your hard work, and I will keep doing my best.
I will keep up my energy and power, as if I was a different person.

I will continue to make as many beautiful things as I can with the people I love.
Please assist me in making those great things in any way you can.
Then, it can be passed around linking everyone together
If we preserve it, that would be such a happy thing!

I would like to express my thanks to everyone, no matter where you come from
I will never forget about it!
I would really want to thank all of you!

23 years.
I continue to try and outdo myself like a proper adult.
But doing so gives your everyday a certain fullness
Like some sort of happy feeling.

I already covered so many portions, but I will keep on going for the small things here and there.
I will continue to grow bit by bit to be a better seiyuu
from here after I will remember to concentrate!

Please continue to take good care of me!!

Today, I felt all sorts of wonderful feelings, thank you for all of that!

I will try to reply to all the letters and tweets!!!
Thank you for the many letters and messages and tweets!!!

I LOVE YOU ALL o(゜∇゜*o)(o*゜∇゜)o~♪

TL note: Now this IS a bad translation. Yes I know that very well, but I really did the best I could and I hope somehow I can pass on the feelings to everyone who could not understand her words. If there are any mistakes, I will do my best to correct them, just point them out.


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