Welcome… err… if this is already late November

Hello dear reader, you might be wondering why this blog is as barren as a classroom in the school holidays. (pardon the bad reference) But for now, this blog will be hibernating as everyone involved in this blog will be other-wisely occupied with our studies. We chose this date on a whim seeing that it was one of my favourite seiyuu’s birthday. So… this place will be barren.

Fret not, if you really want to see this blog in its full bloom, please return to this blog by the 26th of November. It may be open earlier, but that is the deadline we have set for ourselves to get out lazy butts into gear and working.
Until then, if you really bother about this blog, please wait a little longer and we will be sure to surprise you with something that you will definitely remember our blog by.

the guy crazy enough to come up with this idea for a blog.


About sleepynoyume

To say the least, Seiyuu nut and Otaku!

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